Saturday, March 23, 2013


 i'm on strict orders from my cousin danielle to BLOG OR HAVE THIS BABY. so this is me blogging and not having a baby.

in real life, i would only have TWO weeks left until this baby arrives. TWO. it amazes me how fast time speeds by when you have a countdown going. i told my friend kristin that if she ever needed to speed through a year, just have a kid! it seems like our announcement was SOO long ago. and september was really not that long. i can't hardly remember january through now. i swear i'll wake up in a minute and it'll be july and evan and i will still have this sweet little secret between us and another 9 months to plan.

but back to real life. who knows how long this baby intends to stay put. because my body has stopped progressing with labor and is the same as it was last week. but i've been getting more preeclamptic symptoms like a swollen face and more headaches and so this baby *might* be here this week.  which could be DAYS. because now, even with these stupid new symptoms, my blood pressure has leveled out and my doctor wants to just let me go until my body is ready. which i'm fairly certain will be never because baby seems to love it up in there.

but tonight calls for another date night. so. that's happening.

i cannot even explain how ready i am, though. we have a pillow top mattress and i officially cannot get out of bed. it is too soft and comfortable. i just sink right in and need a fork lift to lift me out of there. i also wake up approximately every 3 hours which makes me hope that my body is going into extreme prepare mode. i've never been so annoyed with seeing 2:00 am on my clock as i am now. because it means i have like 4 more hours to toss and turn and not sleep that well. except i did sleep from 11:30-4:30 on tuesday day. like a 5 hour NAP. WHAT IN THE WORLD. and i still went to bed at 10 and was out for most of the night. i was clearly exhausted.

in other news: MY BATHROOM IS FINISHED. praise the lord and pass the ammunition. i mean, three months. THREE MONTHS. just in time for the baby.

so everyone cross your fingers and toes and say a prayer that this baby comes speedy fast. or waits until easter because i'm still hoping for a sweet little easter babe. EVEN THOUGH TARGET EASTER OUTFITS ARE KILLING ME DEAD.

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  1. Fingers crossed, Larissa.
    I seriously am so excited for you. That baby will come soon, because well it has too. ;)

    I hope you have a lovely date night.

    And seriously, stay in bed and enjoy every minute of it. Things will be so different soon!

  2. Yay, for blog updates....but nay, for no baby! Seriously, research reflexology while pregnant and get yourself a pedicure!

  3. haha, i second danielle: get a pedicure! soak your feet! SPA DAY EVERY DAY UNTIL BABY. that's what i'm gonna do in the event that i ever get pregnant. like, from day one. i'm going to say, "YAY! SPA DAY EVERY DAY UNTIL BABY!"