Sunday, March 10, 2013

thirty six

i remember way back when i was 26ish weeks and how grumbly and complainy i was because of how huge i felt. i am now laughing at myself and i also want to shake myself for not loving how easy life was with such a small baby bump. when i could still put my own socks on and didn't get stuck laying down and had a bajillion clothing options. oh, silly larissa.

this was my first full week of bed rest and i so enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. i was pretty good at it for the most part but i did make a target run because we needed new sheets and a few other random things i could have asked evan to get me but i also really wanted a slushy and needed to get out of the house for 5 seconds. i also made mint chocolate chip cookies because they sounded really, really good and my mema has THEE best recipe for them. except for that it literally makes like 6 dozen cookies and i don't even care. they are delicious and the equivalent of my childhood.

and i also hung out with a few of our friends for one last pre-baby hang, so i'm maybe not very good at this whole bed rest thing afterall. and although i've been like, anti-anyone for the most part of this pregnancy because leave me alone, i'm growing a human, i had SO much fun.

you guys. look at that belly (and not my insanely swollen hands)! it's a basketball, right? that's a boy. i feel like a little kid who stuck the balloon in her shirt (guilty). people are probably like, "that chick is not preggers. she is faking it. that is a balloon." it is not. it's a basketball, okay?!

oh. and want to hear the best and worst story of how most people should not be allowed to speak to pregnant women? the day i learned i had to go on modified bed rest i was sitting in the communal computer lab at work and this lady came in to ask me a million questions about how i was feeling and stuff and said, "you are so tiny! you have the smallest little basketball belly!" truth is, i don't feel tiny so i wanted to hug and kiss her face because THAT is what you should say to a pregnant lady. then i ran into the head of HR who i had been communicating with about going on bedrest and junk and she said, "ooohhh! you look so uncomfortable! you look like if you move the wrong way the baby is just going to fall out." LIKE, WHAT?! i think that the baby has dropped significantly this week BUT this interaction was two weeks ago right after my doctor's appt where she told me the baby is all lodged up in my ribs. there is a lot of room for that baby to travel through before it just "falls out." but thanks for that.

we find out on tuesday if i'm being induced or not (which i'm not because HELL. NO. to days of labor that will likely still require an emergency c-section) and when. i'm 99% ready. evan promised he'd tackle the last thing on my list which is clean out my car and install the car seat. my bags are packed, everything is washed and ready, camera is charged, playlists are made, i'm ready. let's do this thang. c'mon baaaaaby!

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  1. You are stinkin adorable! Little tiny basketball and all :]
    Love that you got to have a pre-baby hang out with pals. And you're packed and ready??? Awesome! Sounds like you two are ready to be parents! XD Praying you don't have to be induced. Have a fabulous last couple weeks of pregnancy! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    1. It was so needed. And now I need to have lots of pre babe dates with Evan. Because, obviously! =]

      I've had everything 90% ready for the past month. Everything is washed and cleaned and organized as best as it can be until we have this baby. I'm a planner so that came in super handy!

      If I have to be induced you will hear my screams of rage all the way down in CA. ;]

  2. Larissa, you are seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever.
    That belly of yours is so freakin' cute.

    I cannot believe you are already at thirty-six weeks!

    So exciting!!!

    1. That belly is out of control. It's so funny how different it feels and looks to me and then I caught a glimpse while standing in that mirror aisle and I was like holy moly. That's a baby belly! Hahaha that shirt is especially good for making it more pronounced.

  3. You're THE cutest pregnant lady ever :) and I LOVE your basketball belly! I'm happy that you're more than ready to meet your baby! I'm so excited to see if its a boy or girl and just to see a mini Larissa and Evan! Playlists are such a good idea! And I can't wait to see photos! Good luck!! And thanks for always updating us :]