Sunday, February 10, 2013


i totally thought i was in week 33 until like 2 days ago. pregnancy brain, full force.

but my pregnancy brain did come up with a homemade take 5 candy bar because we have caramel hersey kisses in our house. and OMG. i know what i'm doing with the rest of my day.

nothing super exciting happened this week. besides my baby shower. which was a blast. because i outlawed games and instead my friends decorated me onesies and everyone agreed that it's a girl and my mom and my sister-in-law's mom made homemade baby blankets and our crib finally has a mattress which makes me want to curl up in it with all the soft baby things even though i slightly exceed the weight limit.

i also made pretzel salad and i blew everyone's mind with how good it is. if you've never had pretzel salad do yourself a favor and go make some. i'll wait.

[remember those six pounds i lost last week? ha. ha. ha.]

i would like to make sure everyone understands that EVAN PICKED OUT THE BALLOONS. so he secretly thinks it's a girl, too. and he knows it.

in other news, the nursery is almost finished. i need to make a mobile and hang my art and hem the curtains. in other OTHER news, the bathroom is also almost finished! we don't talk about how it's taken us a month. but yesterday my dad hooked up the sink AND the toilet. today we're tiling the bathtub and by that i mean that my dad is yelling at the tile cutter and i'm laughing at him and staying out of his cranky way. i'll post a bajillion pictures of both when everything is finished. and after i take a thousand hour nap. 

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  1. Do not tell lies. I do not think it is a girl. Notice the blue balloon weight. TEAM BOY.

    1. The ratio of blue to pink is seriously skewed. No one believes you think it's a boy with that dinky blue weight. Nice try.

  2. you look gorgeous! sounds like your shower was a fun one! and love that you two are keeping the baby's gender a surprise! What makes you so certain it's a girl? My parents said that they knew I was a girl because they couldn't pick a boy's name for the life of them. Interesting how intuition works sometimes!

    1. Thank you sweet girl! I've always wanted it to be a surprise and Evan had to go along with that because I am the boss. ;]

      I think it's a girl because I have been craving sweets like none other. And those random wives tales all point to girl. I actually just like to be on the opposite team than my husband because its fun to have some sort of competition in my house.

      I love the name/intuition story! So crazy! We are about 90% sure on our names but every once in a while I get a wild hair and suddenly hate all our options. I keep thinking we'll just have to see the baby and the name will just come to us!

  3. You look stunning, as always, Larissa.

    I'm glad you had a great baby shower and I cannot wait to see what sex your baby will be. So, so excited for you.

    And yeah, bathrooms take forever to redo. It took Wade almost 2 weeks to simply paint ours, but then everything went wrong in the process. UGH!

    1. Thanks friend! You're the sweetest!

      I'm so so so SO excited. Beyond the point of patiently waiting and I'm ready for this baby to BE HERE ALREADY!

      Also, seriously bathrooms. Get your shit together!!! Everything that can go wrong should not. It should be a breeze. None of this month long junk.