Tuesday, February 19, 2013


three day weekends are good for losing all track of time and doing absolutely nothing and going back to work and hating your life because i think that when tuesdays get confused with mondays they are even worse than real mondays. but i'm still an advocate for three day weekends at all times because the ratio of 5:2 is completely uneven and stupid.

week thirty three was good and bad all over. first, i got the reminder from my phone 15 minutes before my doctor's appointment on monday morning that i had a doctor's appointment which i 100% forgot about and thought was the following day so i was late to that and she was not happy with me which made for a crappy appointment even though i am 33 weeks pregnant and please advise me on a better way to keep track of the 3414 bajillion things i have going on in my life right now, lady. and then following my appointment because things cannot happen in an order that would make sense, i had thee worst stomach pains at the top of my stomach and i sincerely thought i was going into labor. i knew they weren't contractions but i was positive that this baby was on it's way out.

[side note: every.single.time i have a weird pain or weird sensation in my stomach i instantly think i'm in labor. every time.]

[other side note: i like to yell "GET OUT OF MY WAY I'M IN LABOR" to really slow moving cars and evan doesn't think it's funny and/or appreciate it.]

i called L&D and she told me to take a bath and lie down and i did and it went away. but i spent a good chunk of the afternoon and all evening in pain which was excellent.

third, on wednesday my feet and ankles decided to peace out and were replaced with the most disgusting kankles i have ever witnessed in my life. i went to lunch and saw my reflection in some glass doors and was mortified by the fact that my feet basically ate my shoes. also by the fact that it was only noon and any and all previous swelling happened at the end of the day which i could handle. also obnoxious is the fact that my blood pressure has been a little high and i got a massive headache after walking up some stairs. those things are not good for pregnant women so now i have to drink 504 gallons of water a day, walk around every 10 minutes and/or have my feet up constantly and am not allowed to use the stairs.

i'd also like to say how annoyed i am that people ignore my pregnant belly. i was trying to get between a human being and a wall and the human being could have stepped out of the way for half a second to let me by. but she didn't. even after i excused myself. so i basically rubbed up against the lady and that was awkward and uncomfortable for both of us, but my gosh. can you not see that i cannot suck it in?  it happens all the time and all i'm saying is GET OUT OF MY WAY BECAUSE I'M IN LABOR. thank you.

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  1. I am sorry about tummy pains + rude ladies shoving you into walls! Honestly. However I feel like the fact that you still look supercute in skinny jeans even while building a baby inside you is an accomplishment that overrules both of those things.

    And if it makes you feel better, I have the cankliest cankles that ever canked and I am not a mommy. I was just, like, born without them, it's really tragic and sad. If you want we can start some sort of cankle support group? And then when you get your ankles back you can still be in the club as a cankle survivor? And inspire me. And it'll be pretty fun I think.

    1. Seriously, this comment wins at life. Possibly favorite comment ever ever ever EVER. Yes we can make a Kankles club and I highly doubt you actually have Kankles so you can be MY support.

      Also, these skinny jeans are so maternity it's not even funny. They're literally the only pants I can stand because they actually stay up and resemble real pants, which is HUGE when the only options any store gives you are seriously hideous and I would not be caught dead in them. Passin that right on to this babe, you betcha!

    2. ALSO. I always want to comment on your blog AND I CAN'T. But I really want to. Just so you know. I'm always laughing out loud at your rambly rambles and sad I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. So I hope you see this. <333

  2. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Seriously.
    I'm sorry things have been so stressful lately, and I can totally understand.

    I think the whole "get out of my way I'm in labor" thing is hilarious. Haha. Best. thing. in. the. world. EVER!

    1. Thank you friend!

      The whole GET OUT OF MY WAY IM IN LABOR will probably only be funny until I'm actually in labor and a) people STILL refuse to move or b) think I'm the girl who cried wolf. Which I did. For a good reason because hey. I don't have all the time in the world, people.

  3. You are just too stinkin cute! Most adorable mom-to-be ever!

    LOVE that you're screaming "I'M IN LABOR!" at cars. Poor Evan. Does it scare him every time?

    Weird pains are no fun, and I can only imagine that they're even less fun when you're carrying an almost-fully-baked mini human . . . I would freak out every time . . . I already kind of do . . . but about my still in-tact appendix. I know it's just waiting to explode on me when I least expect it . . . which is why every time my stomach remotely hurts, I'm all, "CHRIS!! MY APPENDIX!!" and he's, "Sarah, it's probably gas. AGAIN."
    One of these days, it's going to be for real, and it will be all his fault when it explodes, fills my body with vile juices, and dies.

    Yours, however, is far more serious ;]

    Best of luck! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! GO TEAM PINK! ;]

    1. It doesn't really scare him as much as it annoys him I think. Hahaha maybe it's also partly the fact that I'm half exploiting this baby on behalf of my road rage. I don't know. Nor care, because I'm going to still scream it while driving. Even after. This is a life-long problem I've got now! Hahaha

      Basically, I feel the same way as you do about your appendix. I've also never thought about it rupturing but now I'm going to. Because I'm a hypochondriac. And that's a dangerous thing to have happen!