Wednesday, December 26, 2012


this week is week 26. which means there are only 14 weeks to go. which means i may enter into panic mode at any time. BUT. we had a great christmas and even the baby got a little spoiled with a hand made quilt from ethiopia (major heart eyes at that!) and some other african toys that i always said i was going to buy but never did and my mom saw them and snatched them right up. and a baby food maker (!!! YES.) and socks and hats. LITTLE BABY SOCKS that are undoubtedly going to be eaten by my washer. BUT THEY ARE THE CUTEST EVER. spoiled rotten. i love it.

but the best present was our ultra sound we had this morning. i woke up 30 minutes before my appointment to keep baby asleep for as long as possible so we'd get a good spinal picture (AND WE DID, THANK GOD) and the amazing tech who was not at all creepy and so, so incredibly nice (we've determined the last guy was not even an employee. just some creep off the street.) took that picture immediately which was a good thing because then the baby woke up and was all about rolling around and sucking on its fingers and opening and closing its mouth. i'm so in love.

little hason has given me major baby fever which makes me so super excited for our own little baby. the best part is that little hason likes to be swaddled with his hands out, up by his face. and i sleep with a hand in my face. and OUR BABY had both hands by its little face. and then chewed on its fingers for a good few minutes (but NO thumb because no thumb suckers around here. the end). and if you look closely you can see the little hand. sweetest little hand i ever did see.

[all that white stuff in my hair is actually snow falling down. i don't have dandruff. we had a white christmas and it's still snowing. i love!] at 26 weeks i've pretty much outgrown any non maternity clothes. which is a super bummer because I HATE MATERNITY CLOTHES. could they possible be any uglier? but my mom did get me a pair of yoga pants and i have not taken them off and i really don't plan to. sorry for everyone around me.

and the baby is in full kick mode these days, especially when you push on those little feet. i make evan feel those kicks all day long so we never get anything done. but he loves it. he also painted the nursery (and i actually woke up to him doing that one morning. SWOON.) and it is amazing. i can't wait to start filling it up with all our goodies so that i can just hang out in there and wait for baby.

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  1. I am so excited for you.
    You finally got some great ultrasound photos!
    Little baby socks are the cutest.

    Gah(new word), I am so, so happy for you.
    Enjoying this moment, looking forward to becoming a momma (in 14 weeks?! how did that even happen?) and eating tons of yummy fudge and not caring. Cause you shouldn't. :)

    1. I know!!! Super nice techs forever and everrrr!

      Thank you, ladyyyy! How did 14 weeks happen?! Please don't ask me these questions. I have zero answers. Still trying to figure it out myself.

  2. Don't lie! That's dandruff alright! Haha! Jus' keeding! Aww! What a treat to see your little one! Gonna go read that post about the ultrasound person off the street! Glad you had a nice holiday!

    Janette Lane Blog

    PS. I changed my blog name and URL, please refollow if you get the chance. Thanks!

  3. 14 weeks! Getting close. I'm excited to see your nursery after seeing all the things you Pin :)
    Hope you and baby were spoiled at Christmas.
    And just a little hint....get a cheap lingerie bag to wash all those tiny little baby socks in; your washer will never eat them again :)

    1. eeep! me too! i hope it turns out as cute IRL as it does in my brain/pinterest boards. hahaha gosh. i have a ton of pictures printed and saved that need to be gone through and framed. having a baby is kind of a lot of work!

      thank you for the tip! makes so much sense and i'll definitely be doing that!

  4. OMG You're going to be a mama in 14 weeks! Holy crap! That is just fabulous!
    So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! with snow and baby socks :] So teeny tiny.
    And the little hand. I could die :]
    You are just fabulous

    1. I KNOWWWWW! how the heck did time pass so quickly?! yikes.

      isn't the hand the cutest ever?! just makes me squeal with pure joy! baby hands and feet are the cutest things ever. well, anything mini, ya know?