Tuesday, November 20, 2012

twenty one

this week is week 21. i can't freaking believe i'm now OVER halfway there. how does that even happen?

here's what's going on:

/i have this super obnoxious/gross gag reflex problem. sometimes when i burp i instantly feel like something is stuck in my throat and i'm about to puke. nothing is stuck in my throat and i never puke. but it is gross. it doesn't happen every day but it happens enough. i'll file this under: the things people don't tell you about being pregnant. i'm looking at YOU, pregnant slash mom friends.

/i have almost lost my belly button. i bet that within a week (or by friday because THANKSGIVING) i will have an outtie. just please. i'm supposed to go 18+ weeks with an outtie? i'm going to tape it down.

/ligament pain is the worst ever. also back pain. because my front is not proportional to my back and that pisses my back right off apparently.

/today i was dropping some stuff off at my coworker's desk she looked at me and said, "are you pregnant?" i was pretty sure at this point everyone knew but apparently not. so, what if i wasn't? is that something you say to someone? i think not. in other news, i'm super excited for the comments and advise and touching from complete strangers. no i'm not.

/i've done three things to prepare for baby.
1) started the baby blanket. it's going to probably take me up to my actual due date. so. good thing i started now. i stole the pattern off of pinterest but i didn't think it through and so i had to quickly revamp it. it's also black and white which i realize may be absolutely stupid, but i don't even care.

2) ordered the curtains. uh, they're the cutest curtains i've ever seen. i almost bought just some white ones from kohls because they were on super sale but i didn't love them so evan convinced me to wait. and i was surfing through ikea's website (which is SO stupid because you can't order anything from there anyway) and i found the most adorable curtains AND THEY WERE WEBSITE ORDER-ABLE. hallelujah. and they just arrived and i'm in all kinds of love with them.

3) started cleaning out the mess of the nursery. it was once my craft graveyard room slash catch all. and now it's going to be the nursery but i highly doubt the baby will enjoy sharing a room with my crap. plus the room is yellow and i think that's one of the reasons why i hate it. and chevron stripes that evan painstakingly painted for me. because i'm a child. and he loves me. we also found ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS in itunes gift cards. how do you even?!

/the baby and i had a discussion the other day about its due date. there are certain acceptable days on which it can be born. and i told the child i will lay up.side.down all day long to keep it in. but i'm hoping for an easter baby (by the way, why is easter so early this year? unfair.) or at least march. if this child has learned anything in the past 21 weeks from listening to me and my thoughts, it's that listening to me is best and/or i always get my way. my official due date, currently, is march 30. so that's perfect. my friend erin already has my list of labor inducing tricks ready because i'm not messing around over here.

/have you heard the song "home" by phillip phillips? i had a major breakdown a few weeks ago and this song was stuck in my head all day. so i came home and went to bed and then evan came home and turned on pandora and guess what song was on? home. typically that happens a lot in my life. anyway. it has become sort of my favorite song because of the words and because of what was going on and because of how evan responded and now it is on the radio every. single. day. at 5:00 on one of our radio stations. so i crank it and the baby and i jam out on our way home from work.

i am just so thrilled in these pictures, i know. also i don't know what's happening with my bangs. i have wings. just great. prenatal vitamins are really great for your hair. because when did my hair get so long? if my hair falls out after the baby is born (which is something my pregnant slash mom friends DID tell me about) i'm going to be very mad and i'll also buy a blonde wig because i've always wanted to be blonde.

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  1. Super cute! I was never a stylish pregnant lady, but you pull it off well! I so miss being pregnant. And yes, your hair will start to fall out around 3 months after baby comes, unless you breastfeed...which does amazing things for your body, then it will probably happen around 5 or 6 months. Sounds like an easy pregnancy so far...that makes it so easy to want to have another one right away :)

    1. Well, apparently this is my GO-TO pregnancy outfit because I realized I already wore it in several other pictures. Hahahaha oops. Oh well.

      I love how deceiving you are! Your hair will fall out at 3 months. Unless you breastfeed. That UNLESS totally got me and roped me in like, SCORE! And then nope. Crash. And. Burn. 5-6 months. Okay, awesome.

      It has been super easy so far. Very few hiccups and really, the itty bitty pains I've had could be a lot worse. So, so thankful! Especially for not having to deal with morning sickness and all that junk.

  2. Look at that hairrrr! Love it. I loved all your updates, pretty little mommmmma!

    1. And my hair. IS OUTTA CONTROL.

    2. Out of control in the best kind of way!!! It's pretty fierce. :]

  3. You are seriously one of if not THE cutest prego lady I've ever seen! Love the bright blue pants! :] And your hair is adorable. Seriously. :]

    I can't wait to see the baby blanket you make! And pics of the nursery are a must! They really, really are--must see these awesome curtains and Evan's Chevron stripes.

    And, yeah, you just don't ask someone if they're expecting. You just don't . . . because, if they're not . . . yikes . . . better just wait and see if the belly continues to expand and then, POOF!!! belly gone, baby here. Or, you know, ask someone else and learn the local gossip. Or something . . . I think . . .

    1. Hahaha thanks girl! Those are my fave pants! Maternity, obvs. I'm going to be sad when I can't wear them anymore. But that will be a good thing! My hair is SO long. I don't even know what to do with it. It's getting stuck in everything! And ripped out and pulled and that is not fun.

      We painted over the stripes. Because they were craft stripes not baby stripes. I felt bad. Haha so once it's done I will show pictures! Promise! I need to find a rocking chair and some other things and get it all put together still. Pictures will come!

      Totally agree on the rules of asking whether or not you're pregnant! Hahaha I mean, I wasn't that offended because whatever but she could have asked someone else first. First rules of gossip, hello!