Tuesday, October 9, 2012


/i straight up peaced out from social media for a second. i got some mean comments on my fb so i deleted it and then didn't even check my poor little blog because i was just in a mood. in an "everyone annoys me" mood. i promise i will be more better with my real child than with my blog child.

/my brother turns 20 today. (WHAT.) and is coming home this weekend so my mom can wash his clothes (a 7 hour drive for laundry service. not worth it.) and restock his fridge. also he's bringing home his friend MIKE who is from NEW JERSEY. are you thinking what i'm thinking? i already told my parents that he prefers to be called "the situation" and so don't call him mike. we're having birthday dinner at their house on saturday and i'm going to make evan wear a wife beater to their house and then prance around yelling "T SHIIIIRT TIIIIME" and i'll most definitely rat my hair and not take off my big sunglasses. this is going to be the best weekend of my life. i may no longer have a brother after this weekend. i'll let you know. but seriously, being a big sister is the greatest thing in the world.

/also this weekend is going to be great because it's my sister's-in-law baby shower and i got her the softest onesies and the softest baby bouncer that i just want to curl up in. it also makes me want to hold a baby really bad and cuddle that fleece (target has the softest fleece known to man) so good thing i'm 25 weeks away from that. problem: i adamantly do not want to find out what the baby is because i have heard that there's nothing better than the surprise. evan wants to find out. target is our only registry option, they don't have any sort of gender neutral anything. what do i do?! i thought about having the shower post-baby. i need to google this predic stat. give me ideas, ready? go!

/this weekend is also going to be great because i'm taking my friends jess and joe's engagement photos! i have been out of control with my pinterest account, trying to find the best and cutest pictures for them. and joe is the cutest ever with his own pinterest account pinning sooo many wedding ideas. that's true love.

/speaking of those friends, jess just had her birthday at our one night club, the shore lounge. which coincidentally reminds me of jersey shore. (jersey shore rulz my lyfe.) and they hired a dj to play the loudest music i've ever heard and i felt the baby move! all night long, flips in my tummy. i cannot decide if the baby loved the shit outta that music or if the baby already has my issue with noise. and i hope that it does not have my issue with noise because i'm about to play more really loud music so we can have ourselves a little dance partay. it was a good thing that there was loud music to preoccupy me with the baby's dance moves because someone who used to be my friend told evan congratulations and not me. basically had to take 5 in the bathroom so i didn't smash a glass across someone's face. because that's just plain rude and uncalled for. expected, but uncalled for.

/also with the jersey shore and rude people, does anyone else think that the skank cathy on the last season of the office is just like angelina? agree with me, someone!

/enough about jersey shore.

/my mom came home from africa on saturday and i made her tell me every story in slow motion and i've already stolen all 1,500 (not enough) of her pictures and looked through them 900 times. my kids are seriously little humans! i don't know when or how they decided to grow up but no one asked my permission first. i plan on looking at pictures from my first trip to now and comparing them side by side to see just how much they've all grown. my little derartu had a little fro the entire week. these kids take after me with their hair. (the other night evan successfully got a "fun straw" stuck in my hair for like 3 hours.)

/let's talk about my pregnancy brain for a second. i have removed approximately 903 words from my vocab. i have stopped talking mid-sentence when i can't think of the word. the other day it was empathy. today it was contest. i mean, really. evan brought me a drink for lunch the other day and he kept stealing sips and i said, "why are you drinking my lemonade when you have your own in the fridge?" it was sprite. i legitimately thought it was lemonade. i'm apparently using all my brain power and taste buds to cook a baby. don't expect much of me for the next little while.

/don't remember how i got behind on my 12 projects. i'm catching up, i swear. life for example, engineer prints. cannot wait to hang them all over my house! and my stolen pallet that i want to hang on my wall but might be too heavy so it might become something else like chopped up towel racks. awesomesauce.

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  1. -I do not understand rude people. I don't care that it's the internet so you're not "saying" it to my face, but really, grow up and show some common decency. Sorry people were jerks (BLAH ON THEM!!!), but I'm glad you're back :]

    -OMG if you guys seriously do all of this to your brother's friend, there needs to be pictures. And video. So awesome. And happy birthday to your brother!

    -Baby showers are so much fun! I'll have to go check out Target's fleeces now--I have a weakness for soft things.
    There are ways to find out the gender ahead of time AND still be surprised (though, I mean, either way it's a surprise . . .). One blog I read they took an unseen ultrasound gender photo to Home Depot and asked an employee to mix a paint sample based on the photo (pink for a girl, blue for a boy), then they opened the sample at home on video for faraway friends and family. I read on Pinterest that you can do the same thing but with a Publix cake--just give the bakery your ultrasound photo and ask them to dye the inside of the cake accordingly, then, when you cut into it at a shower or gender reveal party, you're surprised with everyone else.

    - YAY FOR TAKING PHOTOS!!! You're going to be awesome! What fun!

    - Again, rude people, UGH! And yay for dance party with baby! That's just the coolest!

    -LOVE that you get to see pics of all your kids! It's insane how quickly kids grow up! I mean, for reals, they need to stop it. Just stop.

    - Your pregnancy brain is just too funny! But, really, who can be expected to keep things like sprite/lemonade (I mean, it is LEMON lime flavored) straight when your body's creating another human being? That's exhausting!

    So glad you're back, and I hope you have an awesome rest of the week!

    1. We are on the same page and this is why we're friends. Thank you for being the same. =] hahaha Evan is obsessed with those gender reveals! He wants to do one where you open a box of balloons that are either pink or blue. And have a photoshoot. Idk. I just really want it to be a surprise! But those ideas are so cute. We'll see. We'll see.

      My brain is out of hand. It needs to be reigned in and put under control. Someone is probably going to get hurt. Hahaha and thank you for validating me that sprite could be similar to lemonade. Phew! Hahaha

  2. I want to fill your box up! Ahahaha. ♥

    1. I changed it a little bit ;] this one is better! Hahaha <3333333

  3. I was obsessed with gender reveals...but at the time, I didn't have pinterest to help me out, so mine was a little lame! And I really wanted to do the balloon one, but hubby wasn't all for it.
    And Pregnancy Brain is a legit thing! Just wait, it gets worse when the time comes closer and you start to think about all the things that need to be done and you really have no extra brain cells to think about the little things!
    And good luck with the Jersey Shore party with your brother...I'm sure he would love you for it ;)

    1. Oh man! I don't know what to do! Hahaha I still want a surprise but Evan is a big party pooper. Whatever, I am carrying this baby and doing all the work, I get the final say.

      Pregnancy brain is the worst. Not looking forward to the rest of this with half a brain. Hahaha

  4. Hahah, if your parents call that kid "the situation" it will be the best thing in the whole wide world. I wish I could be there with you for this!

    I think a baby shower post baby would be a really cool idea, that way everyone gets to meet the baby! I would LOVE to go to a baby shower where that happened.

    Hopefully the pregnancy brain symptoms end soon. I know that when its
    "that time of the month" for me I get super forgetful and ditzy as all get. I hate it because it is so unlike who I really am! So I feel your pain.

    1. I will try and sneakily video tape it. Because yeah it's going to be amazing! They better do it! Also my brother is going to be so mad. Evan said that ill probably just embarrass the poor kid and I said Welp. He shouldn't have been named mike and he shouldn't be from nj. Not my fault. ;]

      That was my thought exactly! Bring the baby and everyone can meet it! That would be super fun but then I would need to somehow buy myself a ton of junk before hand. I tried googling it yesterday and all I got were neutral baby shower invites. I suck at googling.

      And seriously. Pregnancy/woman brain. GO AWAY! Hahaa it's so ridic. What a silly thing to have!