Sunday, September 23, 2012


yesterday we took my mama to the airport at FOUR THIRTY am for her flight to ethiopia. it's here. she's [almost] there and i'm [still] here. and i came into the airport carrying a million bags and someone said to me, "YOU'RE COMING!!!?"


and then this guy who basically lives in tanzania was like, "how are you doing with this?" then proceeded to tell me the best news i needed to hear at that moment except not for the fact that it made me want to cry.

i cried twice. when we got back home and went back to bed and then at church last night. [but we're pretending that was because of baptism. i always cry when people get baptized. also evan thinks that was my pregnant hormones so we can blame that, too. even though it was not that.]

also this: when i got home from the airport i could not stop singing this worship song that we proceeded to sing at church. so this God listens to my heart. i know that means nothing to anyone else, except for the fact i know my prayer and i know that God was listening.

i just want to be there. i was not sad about not having to get on the plane for the only reason that i hate planes more than anything in this world. but i'd get on a plane every day for a year if that meant i could go right now.

when this baby gets bigger i think i just want to move there. and by bigger i mean like 6 months. and my mom is telling them that larissa and evan are having a ferengi [white, not ethiopian] baby and she had better video tape their reactions because oh man.

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  1. This post makes me want to give you the biggest hug ever! <3

  2. So so hard! I just want to hug you! I hope your mom takes tons of photos and videos and brings back letters and hand drawn pictures for you! Thinking of you this week! xoxo

    1. She better! Or I will not be pleased. I know I can always steal someone else's pictures so she better bring back lots of stories! I'm so happy for her but I still wish I was there. I'm doing much better today so that is a plus.

  3. So sad. But better times are always ahead!