Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 weeks

welp. i had my first food aversion this week.


gross. i cannot even think about them without my stomach churning. i haven't had any problems with any sort of food or smells until evan's disgusting breakfast egg making party he had in my kitchen that made my entire house smell like a rotten egg. i'm super picky about eggs normally and it's already disgusting how the smell of cooked eggs just permeates every surface and pore of your entire house for like 8 hours. just gross. but apparently my body extra super hates it today. THEN. evan brought me a salad with hard boiled egg. BARF. i couldn't even eat 2 bites of the thing. the soggy lettuce and slimy egg was just too much for me. just thinking about salads and eggs (together or separate) is the worst. this baby? hates eggs.

in other news, i thought i was dying last week. okay, okay that's an exaggeration. but i had an upper respiratory infection that landed me in bed almost all of the week. evan got it first and that's the trouble with living with someone. they breathe all.over.you. and you get their sick. and they get yours and you probably pass sick back and forth for your entire life. awhhh, love.  i spent the week sleeping my life away and watching desperate housewives reruns because i'm on a watch-all-the-shows-you've-already-seen kick. including grey's BECAUSE IT COMES BACK IN ONE POINT FIVE WEEKSSSS.

aside from the egg debacle and my earlier sickness that had nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with evan, i'm great! tired, and my clothes are starting to get a liiiiitle tight, but great. i have tried that rubber band around the button trick and i've broken about 90 rubber bands. also my zipper doesn't stay up so i think people lie about that trick. i'm also exhausted. bedtime is pretty much 8 oclock. i can't even help it. my body just shuts down and says that.is.enough. which is fine by me.

i read on one of my trusty baby sites that if i press on my stomach the baby can feel it and has started to kick back. so basically i spent a good chunk of my day after reading that, pressing on my stomach. just sayin hiiiiiii.

and this morning we had our doctor's appointment to do some first trimester measuring stuff and the baby 1. would not roll over (stomach to back) so i had to do jumping jacks and walk around this little closet of a room for 10 minutes. and 2. was waving its arms and legs around, doing little happy dances. ultrasounds are so much fun! i want to have one every single day. except the tech i've had both times presses so hard on my stomach. i'm all, the baby isn't in my spine, lady. she's sure happy at 7:30. but obviously it's not her first baby so. i'm trying to soak in all of this and enjoy every time we get to see that little heart beat and those little arms grow and see its features. because you only get this first baby one time. i just love this little (plum) baby!

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  1. i think i'm on a perpetual "watch-all-the-shows-you've-already-seen kick" for my entire life. i am always watching things that i've already watched.

    i love reading your posts. i've never had a baby (thus never been pregnant) and it's really cool to read about your day-to-day experiences. you write so well.

    also, your jesse pink meth soaked bodies and graffiti comment on one of my posts the other day my made laugh out loud.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Rewatching is the best! And I'm still like "OMG! What?!" and my husband is like "ummm you've seen this. You know what happens." STILL. Those are the best kinds of shows.

  2. You are just too cute!
    Suddenly, eggs sound quite nasty. Never though of them that way, but now . . . ;]
    I hope you're feeling much better. Being sick is just no fun, and I can't imagine being sick and preggers. Oh, dear.
    Oh, ultrasounds must be so much fun!

    1. Hahaha Sarah. Eggs are gross. Trust me on this right now. Ask me again in 6 months. Or probably next week and I'll probably be shoving them down my throat. ;] hahaha
      Let me tell you. Being sick and being pregnant was the worst. You can't take any medicine! I finally called my doctor because hot water and lemon was doing nothing and she gave me sudafed. I think if I hadn't taken the sudafed I'd probably still be sick. And to that? Poor, poor Evan. ;]

  3. Poor thing! I'm already full of food aversions. I can not imagine being pregnant because I'll probably be a nightmare. Haha! Tell Evan, now more eggs for like seven months. ;)
    I'm so glad you are feeling better too!
    Have you tried hair ties? I always use those because rubber bands suck. I'm constantly breaking them. I think they make them super weak compared to how they used to.
    "just sayin haiii" my heart kinda melted. that's sweet!
    I still can't believe they made you do jumping jacks! To funny!
    Yay little lemon plum baby!

    1. Your luck will be that you crave everything you currently hate! Hahaha I haven't had that experience yet but I'm putting my foot down if this baby decides it wants some pb&j. Because no. I refuse.

      I have tried hair ties. That's actually what I used, not rubber bands. Haha rubber bands sounds better? I probably need smaller bands because these ones are too long for just one wrap. But yeah I've broken soooo many. I get so angry about it too! Hahaha

      And yes with the jumping jacks! Next time I'll drink a big glass of oj and do some jumping jacks before hand to come prepared.

  4. ugh. The Prince and I are currently sharing the sick. Not a good time. I feel your pain.

    I too am soooo excited for Grey's! Yaaay!

    oh and I love you and your little plum baby!

    1. seriously! it sucks! he obviously brought it home, right? because that's what happened here. let's make a new rule: don't bring sick into our houses.

      I CANNOT HANDLE MY EXCITEMENT FOR GREYS! i just got to season 5 in my re-watching and Hunt just came into the picture when Christina gets impaled by that icicle!

      i just love you!

  5. Ah! What an exciting time! Congratulations!

  6. true story. i have never really liked eggs, but whenever i am pregnant they just get that much grosser. one night when i was pregnant with owsley, peppy and i went to a concert and were driving home around midnight. the only place open was whataburger, so we went through the drive thru. i was so excited to have whataburger. pregnant, hungry, and stoked for food. we get back on the interstate and i open our bag. they had mixed up our burgers with someone else's order of THREE EGG SANDWICHES. AHHHHHH!!! my heart is even dropping as i type this, because i can vividly remember how disappointed i was.

    all this to say...i feel you on the eggs.

    i hope this comment didn't make you vomit.

    1. hahahaha i did not vomit. but that is so horrible! that's not even fun when it happens when you're not pregnant but put those hormones and cravings together and you've got yourself a little monster! hahaha

      i'm glad eggs aren't such a weird thing. i'm usually so super picky on them anyway, my body is probably just like NO. no eggs. ever again.

  7. I cannot believe I am just now getting to this post...
    I didn't even see it in my blogger feed! I just moseyed on over here on my own and BAM! a new entry. Geez louise!

    Anyway, yeah eggs seem like they would smell gross to a pregnant lady. There's just something about them that grosses me out every once in a while.

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better, and I mean how great is it sometimes being sick and lounging around. Oh man!

    I am just so excited for this new venture of yours. I seriously cannot get over it!!


      hahaha eggs are gross. i'm glad that everyone agrees with me. it's like eating a pre-chicken. okay now i'm gonna be sick. hahaha

      laying around was amazing, besides the sick, but i'm still getting caught up at work and i'm going into week 2. out of control. so that's the not-fun part of being sick i guess.

  8. hahaha you are so cute pressing your stomach and saying hi! What a cute mom you are already :)

    and yes Ultrasounds are fun! I haven't had one in so long--- but I doubt they'd give me one now that I have about 2 and half weeks left! I guess I just have to wait for the real thing!

    and sorry to hear about your aversion. I had an aversion to guacamole/avocado for the first trimester or so and then it went away and now I'm fine. I also only threw up during week 16 because of smells and now I'm fine--- so I guess I'm just trying to say I hope it doesn't last your whole pregnancy and goes away like it did for me!

    you're looking beautiful by the way!

    1. <3

      do they just straight up stop doing ultra sounds? i'm sure it probably depends on your health and the babies health? yeah? well, i'm going to force them to not stop! it's too much fun.

      guacamole/avocado?! oh man. i would die. literally die. favorites! at least i semi already didn't like eggs. i keep smelling this really weird smell randomly throughout my day that i freaking cannot find its source! it has to be something at my desk because i usually only smell it at work but you know when you're like, "what is that smell? oh my gosh is that me?!" hahaha THAT. my nose is strong apparently. i've smelled my clothes and me and my shoes and it is not any of those things. stressing me out! it better not make me puke because then i will have defeated the pregnancy puking horror stories!