Thursday, February 16, 2012

valentines days

 yes, DAYS, plural. we had three to be exact. we didn't want to celebrate on the actual day because obviously EVERYONE does that and i don't do well in crowded places. so we decided that monday, febuary 13, would be our valentines day this year. i had purchased thee. cutest. dress from modcloth (see below). for monday. which i actually wore on sunday when i convinced evan that sunday sounded like a better valentines day than monday.

you guys? i love this dress. it's lace, it's beautiful, it is completely different from everything i own. but it is SEE-THROUGH and it is SHORT. i mean like, sorry to the entire restaurant for the free peek at what i've got going onSHORT. it's okay, though. because it's also a little small. so when it like actually fits (like after i stop eating 3,000 calories in 1 meal for the sake of valentines day?) i think it will fit better. and excuse that crappy picture...ahemEVANahem....couldn't figure out the camera. PLUSIWASSTARVING! doesn't that look so delish? i crave sushi every day because of this restaurant. damn them and their shrimp tempura.

please note the 3,000 calorie dessertS, again with the plural, we partook in. banana tempura and cheese cake tempura. except the bananas they served with honey and i despise honey so i mostly shoved the cheesecake in my mouth and watched the grammys. i'm sexy and i know it.

remember how i said i thought sunday was better for valentines day? well, monday was a good day, too. because evan wanted to cook valentines dinner. (he cooks!) i came home to him breading little baby shrimp and marinating the most gigantic steaks i'd ever seen. AND IT WAS SO GOOD.

the food barely made it to the table before i was inhaling it...but i did take a picture of dessert. chocolate. molten. lava. cake. and fresh raspberries. omg. (it's hilarious that i talk about how fast i eat because i could possibly be the slowest eater on the planet.) these were so good. we get them all the time, but obviously everything tastes better on valentine's day.

evan got me conversation hearts (only because i threw a fit about not finding them at the frickin candy store!) because out of all the holidays they are my favorite candy. except for the yellow. why does the world insist on making banana flavored things taste so disgusting? i don't know if you've ever had a real banana, but it doesn't taste like that.

he also sent me a huge bouquet of roses to my work which came in a HUGE box wrapped in like 50 layers of plastic and tape and obviously all sorts of other loud materials that seriously brought so many people to my desk to see what was making that awful noise. oh, nothing...just me and mah flowers. they didn't come with a vase but i was worried they wouldn't make it to 5 without water so i used my giganto tea cup. LUCKILY i have two tea cups at work so i was still able to get my daily intake of 500 cups of tea, don't worry.

and on real valentines day we weren't going to do anything since evan had a basketball game that evening but i had something super exciting to tell him (no, no babies) and so i made him take me to dinner so i could squeal in the middle of the restaurant over shrimp tacos with lime sauce (OMG.) and cider beer and so our awkward server could think that we had totally escaped from the looney bin. (and we had fried ice cream. i see a bad pattern developing here.......damn you fried food.)

i totally used to be a valentines day hater. i guess that's what happens when all you date are psychos who freak their freaks on you for not sending them a crush soda? but then when evan and i had our first valentines day he was the sweetest human ever who gave me a rhubarb tart from the cutest little bakery (poets is its name. how cute is that?!)  and ever since then i've kind of loved it. most especially when he celebrates our love for three days in a row, gives me crazy good back massages and sings me to sleep. 

i mean really.

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  1. See we would be real life BFFs cause
    1. I loveeee and crave sushi EVERY day too. Mhm. Except I love Honey! i don't know what's wrong with you :p
    2. I also love fried ice creammm. dang girl!
    3. Cider beer is the only kind of beer i like. I have this pear cider at my local bar i loveeeee. it's gluten free too YUM.

    i'm so glad you had great valentines days! you got one sweet lovaaa

  2. Sounds great! You had a bit of a Valentine's Day Marathon haha:)
    That dress still looks lovely from what I see<3

    And now I'm hungry for sushi....;)

  3. @katie- hahaha "I don't know what's wrong with you." Baha I know. I like honey in my tea with lemon? Just not with anything else. It's too sticky. Oh! But I like it in those straw things. That are sometimes flavored. YUM. Looks like we need a sushi/cider beer date. With some photog and sewing!
    @blue eyed night owl- he is supa sweet! ;] and thanks but it was seriously SO short. Hahaha I even matched it up with a dress in my closet that I wear on the regular and it's a good foot shorter. HELLO.

  4. I am glad your Valentine's Day(s) were perfect. And yes, that ModCloth dress is absolutely freakin amazing!

    I love reading yours posts, your humor makes me laugh.

  5. 3 days = awesomeness! Reminds me of my birthday week. That's usually what happens and it's amazing.
    That is a really gorgeous dress! Why do they have to be so short though. Why does this world think that dress styles need to mean that you should get to everything. I'd be like "mom...can you sew me a really cute ruffle or something on the bottom of this dress? k.thanks."

    those roses are beautiful! So glad you had a lovely Valentine's half week! :)

  6. Haha oh any you crack me up! I should make her sew me something for the bottom! Really, super short dresses are not attractive. I tried one on at a store and I mean...if I would have left the dressing room someone would have called the cops. I do gots some bootay. But I am also not the size of a 12 year old us girls need to be spoiled every once and a while with more than one day. Birthdays and valentines DAYSSS? Yes, please.

  7. I think youre my favorite.
    yep, just confirmed it. you are.

  8. @amber- you're my favorite. Ever.