Monday, February 27, 2012


our house has a fun little addition on the back that i call the "den" and evan calls the "sunken family room." when i say "the den," evan gives me a quizzical look, and so whenever he says the "sunken family room" you better believe i'm going to start having no idea what he's talking about.

BUT. this room is an addition with a fireplace and pretty french doors that i kind of want to take down (the doors are to our dining room...not the outside. that'd be crazy. MY HOUSE HAS NO DOORS, PLEASE COME STEAL OUR JUNK.) ANYWAY. but it's HUGE. huge, huge huge. it had this UGLYASS fireplace (really, the only way you can describe it) and the previous owner had painted the room grey and white and put wood trim around the entire room IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALL. it was all boring 1990's up in thurr. we had to paint the room because we had to paint the entire house because she smoked in it. tell me, why did the girl who is allergic to half the world and most especially cigarette smoke buy the house from a smoker? does not compute. (no more smoke, i'm a master cleaner.) and we could not find a paint color that we LOVED and finally decided on that sage-y green. it clashes with every other color in my house. it clashes with our design aesthetic because it is boring as all get out. AND? i HATEDESPISELOATHE entirely the ugly two color thing it's got going on. it is the most random, uncoordinated, uglyass room. and it is getting a freaking makeover. HA LE FREAKIN LU JAH.

so out of no where, it has become our first project. (you guys? i have a PINK, MAROON and FOREST GREEN BATHROOM. how does the den override my 1975 bathroom? it is horrible. save me.)

it started when i walked down there, saw this uglyass fireplace and turned around and left. it made me angry. hahaha i'm a bit overdramatic.

it just wasn't us and i couldn't find anything in my stash of random decorations to match it. everything clashed and everything looked wrong.

so we painted it.

 evan's dad primed it with his handy-dandy sprayer (because he is a legit painter) and i sat on our little room heater and bossed them around (because i am legit bossy).

 he made me put plastic on everything and it super stressed me out. (and you can see that horrid wood trim that evan went batshitcrazy on this weekend and ripped down. now we have an uglyass white strip around our room. MUCH BETTER. HA.) but it stressed me out because if you are getting paint on my brand new couches that are like 10 feet away from this spray business....then, don't. but he didn't. and instead evan wrapped the paint can lid in the plastic and then dropped it---PAINT SIDE DOWN---onto the brand new carpet. so that was fun.

 i personally really like the look of the paper.

OH AND UM I PUT GLITTER IN THE PAINT. ahaoigneoinfoasngd. i saw this here, but on her IG feed first and so i really had no idea what i was doing. so i just added like half a can of glitter i found in my closet and on it went. i was worried that the paint would coat each piece of glitter and make it lumpy, but it didn't. and when i couldn't really see the glitter in my lil bucket, i just added some more. i had to wait until evan's back was turned because he was totally not on board with this. i kind of didn't really care and i'm kind of in love with it. it's the perfect amount of glittery, and it's not lumpy. after reading carly's post about how much glitter she used i almost went back over it again with another coat, but i'm trying really hard to not. i am the worst at knowing when to stop.
 it is very impossible to take a picture of glitter. of glitter that is like only kind of there, in certain lights....but believe you me. if you look reaaaaaal close on the top left hand side, you can see two tiny little glitter dots! it's super subtle and TELL ME. how many people have a glitter fireplace? exactly.

i'm in an everloving battle with my mantle decorations. the frame is from evan's parents and was a wedding gift along with a super sweet note about our relationship. i replaced it with this monogram print i found on danielle's blog (here) and the note is going in our wedding album (i'm telling you, it's the nicest thing, ever). the bird is from TJ MAXX, the flowers from world market and the vase from hell (i mean hob lob). it's embarrassingly naked...but it is 92849873 times better than it was before.

next up are the walls, pillow cases, curtains and some pretty art. also, hiding the cords to the TV because evan doesn't understand how seeing all those cords hang down our walls gives me a nervous twitch. i also really need to get sucked back into pinterest so i can find some fun decorating ideas for this brand new room.

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  1. Wow.. good job! Looks WAY better :)

  2. awesome job with the fireplace! It looks pretty now, and I seriously love the glitter idea! Cant really see it here, but I guess I'll have to visit one day to see it ;) You're den/sunken living room is gonna look gorgeous when it's done! can't wait to see more pics <3

  3. @brandy-thank you! I agree ;]

    @katie-COME VISIT!

  4. In love with your glitter wall! Awesome idea!

  5. @amy-thanks, lady! It's pretty fun, I gotta admit =]

  6. I love the fireplace white (and glittery)! I wish my decorating skills rocked, but they don't. Can't wait to see the rest of your house!

  7. I think it looks beautiful! I love the glitter and your mantle decor pieces are absolutely perfect.

    I'm still debating on a place to put Wade & I's monogram print that I found on Danielle's blog as well.

  8. @Dani-Thanks! i can't wait to share it. just have to put the finishing touches on everything. also, come to billings and see it!

    @danielle-thank you! isn't the print the coolest? i mean FREE! hello! i love it. i was going to hang it on the wall but i didn't have another something to hang with it and it looked funny by itself. so, mantle. for now. =]

  9. Oh, the glitter is so amazing! How sweet! We are redoing our bathroom right now. I could so glitter some things! Hehe

  10. glitter it up girl! that would be the best bathroom ever!

  11. ahhhh! I'm in love! It's just beautiful and that room is for sure a 2000s room now. No more 90s!
    I think I have that same little bird in turquoise. :)
    Also I want to know what Evan thinks of the glitter now!?

  12. Ah glitter! What a wonderful idea, looks great!


  13. @amy-he loves it now! I mean, love is a pretty strong word. It he's pretty fond of it. Just the fact that I'm so in love with it makes it ok I think. =]
    @rachel-Thanks girl!