Monday, January 23, 2012


date three: try out a new-to-us restaurant. (&how we almost died at a truck stop)

at the very last minute on saturday, evan and i finally decided on our restaurant for the following night's date. we're very indecisive when it comes to decision making.

sunday night rolled around and we got all cute and showed up at the restaurant to find out IT WAS CLOSED. i don't get these places that think people don't eat on sundays. or mondays. what is that?

so instead we decided to try this place evan's mom had recommended to us. she said it was a mom and pop place and super quaint and fun. (and i don't exactly remember what she said because what she said and what i was expecting are probably not the same thing.) it was mexican, which we love, so we drove to the other side of town to try it out. this place was nestled between motels and gas stations and was sort of a cross between denny's and BK. with a casino and 1990's neon crayon upholstered booths. it might even be the scene of the next chain saw massacre. by the lone server who hated our guts for disturbing her night of nothingness. we were the ONLY people in the entire place. so i may have thrown a little fit of "this is not our date night. i am not counting this. no." but we had already ordered drinks so instead we shared a plate of nachos. and then when i tried them i may have also eaten my words because those were some damn good nachos. but that doesn't give them the right to make me feel like i'm two bites away from death.

so we ate our nachos and ran away because evan promised to take me to another restaurant. and i didn't want to die. (but no seriously, we'll probably get take out from there in the future. and maybe i'll give them some interior design tips.)

we then ate at a sushi place which was ADORABLE and delish and not a scary truck stop. if the servers there were plotting my death i did not know because i do not speak chinese as well as i speak spanish. which also meant we had TWO meals and tried TWO new-to-us restaurants.

go us.

it also doesn't excuse the original restaurant, so maybe i'll amend this date later this week and try it out.

in other non-date related news: i got my hurrs cut on friday by my friend monica who is amazing at that and maybe gave me the best hair cut of my life? i think so. it's so soft and pretty and even after i washed and dried it and slept on it (wet) it's still soft and pretty. and mostly, i changed up my bangs. my fringe. after the same bangs for 5 years, i think i'm allowed a change. i haven't tried to side sweep them ONCE. ha! i feel like an adult and like i maybe don't look like i'm 18 anymore.

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  1. Yikes...the first restaurant sounds a bit scary! But if the food was good, I'd say it's worth going back the daytime. :]

    And your hair looks wonderful! <3
    xo, Allie

  2. I really hope they were really speaking Chinese at a sushi restaurant.

    Also, your dates are super cute & yourselves are super cute.

  3. I love your new hair! So pretty.
    Truck stop restaurants can be super, super sketchy at times. At least the nachos were good and you got some sushi out of the night!

  4. @allie-in the day time! Yes! Hahaha when there are more than 3 entire people in the whole building.
    @nelson-you should know if they don't speak the native language you shouldn't eat there. But maybe they speak Japanese? I don't speak that either. No, pretty sure it was Chinese because I knew a word. Don't ask me how I know. It's because I'm weird.
    @danielle-thank you!!! And yes. Agreed. Sometimes they have good food but sometimes they're just sketch.