Saturday, January 28, 2012

according to my phone;

 1. that's what i drove to work in for pretty much a week straight. we didn't get a snow day and i had massive panic attacks. worst week of my life. 2. evan doesn't have an iphone so those cute little emojis i send him are just black boxes on his screen. i send them anyway. then make fun of him for having such a crap blackberry. (5 months evie 5 months!)

 3. sometimes i don't use my wipers and then i drive erratically while taking pictures through my blind windshield. 4. i made kale chips for the first time and devoured them all.

 5. icicles. also a funny story. taking this picture was the first time i'd ever been on that side of my house. so mysterious. 6. little baby snap and i. also, i love my phone case and IRL no one has said anything nice about it. i'm really having to fight punching people in the face when they give me looks like, "ohhh.....cuuuuuute." or say something like, "'s........different." yeah, okay. sorry i don't have a kate spade polka dotted one.

 7, 8, 9, 10. i ate an entire bag of cuties. on my own. in 4 days. that's gotta be like an average of 6 cuties a day. i took 4 to work the first day and then kept increasing them day by day. evan had ONE. one cutie from the entire bag. and today i found a seed in one of my pieces AND i googled cuties and i think they might be a november to january seasonal fruit and i'm going to freak my freak if someone takes these away from me. ICAN'TSTOP. and they're not supposed to have seeds. i also made evan go to the store and get more cuties because i only had ONE left for work today. one was not enough. he brought me 5. i don't know if this man knows that i go big or go home, but i was up to like 10. so........little behind on my cutie intake for the day. you should also know that my hatred for oranges is like woah. so eating cuties like they're going out of style is HUGE. these are amazing and i feel sorry for the first 23 years of my life.

 11. again with the danger zone. 12. my favorite spot to take my sunset pictures. please note that i am driving and this is at a stop light but ever since i started taking pictures here the light is never red for me. that is also the ONLY time you will ever hear me complain about a red light. AND? AND THIS MEANS I DRIVE HOME IN THE DAY LIGHT AGAIN! ha le lu freakin jah. i left work on monday and THERE WAS LIGHT! which means summer is right around the corner.

2 loves:

  1. Whenever I get cuties they are gone in an instant. I love those things. I also made Kale chips on Thursday and they were gone in an instant as well. Soo good. What seasonings did you put on yours?

  2. Danielle-I just put olive oil and sea salt on them. My parents always give me really interesting EVOO for Christmas and this year I got some with lots of garlic and rosemary so I put some of that on there, too. I am still learning with the oil though. It's SO easy to over do it or not get enough on some of the pieces. How do you oil yours?