Sunday, December 11, 2011

tree trimmin

evan and i fiiiiinally got around to putting up our tree yesterday. we have no excuse. besides we're busier than bumblebees and that's it.

Christmas is my favorite favorite and i'll just probably leave my tree up until my birthday because i'm in love with it. and it smells delish.

i tried, and failed, to make some new ornaments out of glitter and left over moving boxes but since stuff is still in said boxes, it was a little hard. KIDDING. i unpacked enough boxes to cut out stars and then cover my house them in glitter, but they turned out like kindergarten craft time, and so there are five whimpy stars on my tree and i hate them.

so we're still using our inherited bulbs from evan's job and the polaroid ornaments i crafted last year (that i still adore) and some ornaments from kenya and india. and this year, i'm making evan buy me an ornament to commemorate our year and obviously i'll be doing the same, and when we're like 75 we'll have a tree full of memory ornaments and memory polaroids. CUTE.

we also had a dance party in our living room and i got real mad at my bangs earlier when they wouldn't behave so they got the scissors. but, in real life i don't really have three awkward pieces of hair in my face and then a giant triangle of nothing. i'm not 12 anymore, guys.

evan has the prettiest wrapped gifts and i might not let him unwrap them because he likes to rip paper and i'm a paper hoarder who carefully carefully cuts each piece of tape (don't worry, martha, only three per package!) and then meticulously folds the paper for storage and reuse for the next 45 years.

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  1. The tree looks amazing!
    I love hoarding ornaments too. It's like a story, down the road, when you look back and remember each one.

    Ps. I'm a paper-ripper too. Gift wrap doesn't stand a chance on my Christmas.

  2. your tree is so lovely! And I kind of love that it is mostly polaroids! It's beautiful!

  3. ooo! love the Polaroids on the tree. what a genius idea!


  4. I love the photos in your tree!(: They look lovely!

  5. (I'm mega behind on my blog reading. I promise I'm not purposely neglecting your blog!)

    Your tree is so awesome! Those polaroids are so great. I really wanted to start making some of those this year with my instax, but I'm out of film and can't afford to get more yet. =[ Dangit. Next year, though, I'm copying the shit out of you! <3

  6. we STILL haven't put our tree up!!! augh...

  7. Pretty pretty tree! Love it!
    My favorite is the shot of your reflections in the ornament--too cool!
    we're hopefully decorating our tree tonight. This is the latest I have EVER decorated a Christmas tree. Boo