Sunday, November 20, 2011

home owning day three

so far we've only had to battle
1. one clogged sink drain;
2. one spilled can of wood stain;
3. three cans of the completely wrong color of paint (thank you sherwin williams)
4. fourish inches of snow;
5. five degrees;
6. and one indoor doggy poop.

the sink: umyeah. if you ever have to snake your drain, don't. hire a plumber. even the dads couldn't get it fixed so we had to snake it AND hire a plumber. lose, lose.

the wood stain: i was prying it open and it just shot out of the can. all over the counter, clogged kitchen sink (btw, stain + water = no. and we had to use turpentine to get it off the sink.), the floor and my leg. it completely soaked through my pants and stained my leg. i thought it was a bruise when i went to the bathroom later on and had forgotten about it. this giganto brown smudge on my thigh. but no. and it doesn't come off. least my hand rails look pretty.

paint: i really really really wanted this color i had seen in a picture months ago but couldn't duplicate via the cards-o-color from the paint stores. so i picked out a few that i liked and evan made the final decision. evan's dad opened the can of paint and hello fluorescent yellow, you're not what i want on my walls. oh, and we bought 3 cans of 30 dollar paint. luckily, sherwin williams retinted it for us. but i don't know how much darker it really is and i forced myself to not even look in the living room until it was finished because just the thought sent me into full on panic attack mode.

and obviously the rest of those things are out of my control. it's suppose to be practically summer (50 degrees) on wednesday and i expect the snow to melt and my pipes to be fixed and my stain bruise to go away and my walls to paint themselves and my junk to uproot and reroot 14 blocks west.

i am running on too many emotions right now. i've had like 3 panic attacks in the past few days and i just need to be moved and settled in. i am so frustrated with people who have no tact and people who take things too far and people who are just plain rude. i let myself get overly stressed and overly anxious and overly emotional about the littlest things. i'm definitely looking forward to the 3-day work week....and that's all. i need some serious down-alone time. in my not-florescent yellow living room.

oh, and want to hear a funny story? so evan's parents are selling their saab so evan is driving it around. free advertising, basically, except they repaid us by painting our house. anyway. so evan went to wendy's for lunch in the saab. with the "for sale" signs. and his dad's cell phone number. like 3 hours later his dad gets a text that says, "hey *honeysuckle forever*" he responds, "i think you have the wrong number." texter goes, "no, you're selling the car, right?" he then hands the phone off to evan who is a mastertexter. evan says, "oh yeah, sorry. do you have any questions?" person says, "how much?" ---um, ok. first of all, you're "interested" in this car and you're TEXTING?! ahhhhhhh1ghskghskjrqjgNO. second, don't be rude and weird with the stupid text signature, 8-years-old.------they talk for like a minute about the car and i'm annoyed because if you're interested, don't text. so texter then informs evan that she's the girl from the wendy's drive through. evan's mom and i are pretty sure she's just flirting with him so he says, "well, it's my dad's car and this is his phone so if you have any more questions feel free to give him a call." end of text chat. no. like 15 minutes later she says, "i have to say that you're pretty good looking. LOL." and to that he says, "um yeah, i'm married."

and now we can never eat at wendy's again.

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  1. Sorry about all your new house troubles. It will all be worth it in the end!!

    i have posted things for sale on craig's list before, and people always text me to find out info! I just don't reply, cause it usually means they aren't serious. if they are serious they would call.

    You know what would be hilarious? If you drove the car through the wendy's drive through with evan sitting in the passenger seat. then you'll see if the girl says anything :p

  2. What a crazy text to Evan!
    I hope she hasn't texted again!!

    Oh, and welcome to the world of home-ownership!
    I hate when things go wrong, but then I remember how amazing it is to have your own place.

    About what Katie said about driving through wendys with Evan in the car... it would be hilarious!

  3. Home Owning is the biggest headache ever (but the coolest headache too)

    I love the Wendy's story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious!

  4. Hey at least you're having fun with the new house, right? Even when things go wrong! =] I hope that's the end of your troubles!

    And oh my gosh, we have such creepers in our town. At least the weirdo Wendy's girl made for a funny story to tell!

  5. Ha! She was probably heartbroken. She will never make Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers the same.