Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the weekend

this weekend was absolutely one hundred and ten percent perfect. our realtor gave us free tickets to the broncos/chargers (go packers!) game so made it a weekend and spent three days in one of my favorite places on the planet: denver, co.

I planned to spend the entire eight hour drive crocheting away and finish my blanket.

But then...

dundundunnnn. please see series of events.  first we drove head on into some pretty nasty looking clouds. low low low clouds. that rained on us. that made big nasty trucks spray water and rocks all over us. that turned into snow and 45 mph. that turned into a blizzard and not being able to see the other side of the highway.

remember that time i told you i got in a wreck on the highway? now, i self diagnose a lot, but i am pretty sure i have some slight ptsd from that. any sort of moisture on the highway and i am full on anxiety attacking the hell out of my handle and seatbelt. and stressing evan out. and forgetting to breathe because i'm terrified for my life.

but evan did marvelous at getting us out alive. we hydroplaned a bunch and we got caught in some nasty slush, but he kept his cool, managed to calm me down, and got me to denver safe and sound. and we hardly lost any time.

we spent sunday wandering around lodo, 16th street mall, and eating lunch at our favorite restaurant in the entire world, rodizio. i found the coolest rusted steps and evan made fun of me for taking a picture in front of a million people eating lunch. but i couldn't resist how pretty those steps were. i want rusted steps at my house. and those stairs? in love.

anyway, rodizio. if you've never eaten at a brazilian barbeque in your life, add it to your bucket list. it is the most amazing meal i've ever had and if you leave hungry, you're a loser. they bring swords full of every cut of meat you could ever want, all sorts of grilled veggies and fruits, and have a ginormous salad and pasta bar. it's endless food. so american of me to love this, i know. #thingswhitepeoplelike. ha. ha. ha.

evan and i went to churrascarias (that's their official name "chew-has-sca-ria") in brazil (at different times or this would be so much cuter and you might puke from its cuteness) so this tradition is super special to us. awwww....i know.

and of course we went to the football game. i had a lot of fun, minus the fact that someone couldn't read the tickets and put is in the wrong seats TWICE and some crazy broncos fan yelled and me and i was all sorts of flustered with my coat and camera and purse and evan's seeds and my ticket and my drink and only two hands. stress. AND THEN, when we got to our real seats there was another crazy broncos fan in front of us who kept giving us high fives with both hands. who double high fives these days? and he was pissing evan off because he kept trashing tebow but, oh, look who the new broncos qb is, mr. double high five!!! (go packers! ...and tebow!)

moving on.

they let a bunch of pink balloons go during halftime for breast cancer awareness month. which was so heartbreaking. we watched several women tell their stories and i was just blown away by the strength of these women. compared to me. i'm a child in the face of adversity.

after the game i convinced evan to drive me 16 miles to centennial and find ikea. ikea is so big and so new it has its own street. which, of course, garmin didn't have on its map, and of course we got super lost trying to find it. we did, however, probably find our future 50 million dollar home, so it wasn't a complete loss.

when we did find ikea, we pretty much walked around saying, "would ya look at this? would ya look at it?!" 139413 times at everything. i bought a pretty light to hang in my NEW house (!!!!!!!!) but i don't know where it's going yet so.........yeah. evan says we're renting a u-haul and bringing ikea home with us next time. and jamie and i are writing a letter to get us an ikea in billings. and we're not kidding.

and on monday when i told garmin to take us home (and cried a single tear) garmin told us to go "0.7 miles to home." so we almost didn't leave because apparently we're meant to live in denver. too bad we sort of just purchased a house.

but this weekend was perfect. stress free (except for the part where the roads almost killed us 5439 times) and very much needed before our giant trip in THREE days oh ma gosh.

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  1. your blanket is so pretty! goodness you are talented!
    those roads would stress me out too. I don't handle snow and ice very well! good thing we have strong men to be our heros! Steven handles it sooooo much better than I do!
    Can you believe I've never been to an Ikea?! Can you write them a letter for my hometown too please?!

  2. What beautiful pictures. I'm glad you had a good time.

  3. what a fun time! Love all these photos! You have such a cute spot here! Very lovely indeed!

    I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hi! I'd love for you to come on over and follow me on my new site Color Issue!