Friday, September 2, 2011

23 before 24 update

Number 17 part 3: Take a picture of the same place once a month for a year.
(One, Two)

Are you depressed there's only 3 pictures? I am. Because of this nonsense:

Let me teach you something: Montana has "four" seasons. And by "four," we mean 11 months of winter, a week of spring, a week of fall, and 3 weeks of 100 degree days. Winter began yesterday because apparently when we started September it automatically needed to be 60 degrees. I wore my North Face. My winter coat. In September. And I know I'm cheating by posting these September two, but I took these August 31. Swear. Which is basically September in the rule book of "Don't start road construction three days before it snows." Which they did. And also in my area of picture taking. Double annoyed.

Montana has clearly reached fall. I saw a yellowing tree tonight and I got a little sad. And look at that grass!!! Yellow. Fall. However, I love fall. I'm not ready for snow. I'm ready for scarves and mittens and boots and jackets and apple cider and when you can see your breath. Just not that gross snow that comes after it.

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  1. Yet another thing we can agree on. PLUS, my birthday is in the fall so it has that on winter too. Love you!

  2. So I agree about fall... Anyway I was looking at your page 23 before 24 and had to research what a Polaroid Calendar was and I think that is so cool!! I cant wait to see yours when you get it done...

  3. Loveeeeee picture number two. And your description of our seasons. <3

  4. i'd say my description is pretty accurate, right? except, summer usually tries to come back mid fall. i forgot that part.