Monday, August 22, 2011

Week of Thanks, Thirty Two

297. A refreshing and much needed Friday after a week from hell.

298. My brother leaving for college. So proud of him!

299. Late night chats with my parents. About my childhood. "Mom, remember that time I puked on you?.........Dad! I puked on you once, too!" hahahaha I'm awesome.

300. My talent for remembering random facts. Example: I remember the name, car and car color of our real estate agent in Flathead when I was probably 6ish. Orrrr...the dream I had the only night I ever slept on my parents floor. (only night because my dad stepped on me.)

301. Being inappropriate with my mom about the people on Design Star.

302. "How about a game?" "How about nooooooo!!!"

303. Locked texts from my brother. "j.  td. txt.  my phone had a seizure just there."

304. Businesses who love my law firm and thus bring us goodies.

305. Typing 125 words per minute. Um, can I just say that I'm awesome?

306. Even after a horrible week, still being able to find things I'm thankful for.

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