Saturday, August 13, 2011


 Something positive:

I "no heat curled" my hair today. First of all, it took me like 5 minutes. It's the cutest hairstyle I've ever seen. When I take out the headband, I'm going to have baby ringlets. Perfect baby ringlets. Without heat. Jamie and Tori pulled this off and I finally tried it. In. love. AND. Evan had his draft order party something something today at Walmart. They had to go get two pre chosen items and check out. And that's their order for picking players for their draft. One of Evan's items was this tube of hot pink lipstick and I'm kind of in love. I wore red lipstick (for the first time out and about!!!) to my friend's wedding last night and loved it. But this pink? So fun. And I've been wearing it for 4 hours and it doesn't peel, chip, dry out, or flake off. I'm a fan. Now if the lipstick company would like to pay me for such a nice plug, tha'dbegreat.

But. I need to rant for two minutes.

Can you even believe how rude some people are?

This is me being really mad at everyone right now.

First, I had this gigantic, terrifying bug bite on my arm. I got bit sitting in the grass at a BBQ for our friend moving to Asia to be amazing. It was a normal mosquito bite that turned into this at 8:30 the next morning:

 Gross. That's a dime by the way. I don't think bug bites should ever be larger than a dime. That is covering the entire inside of my arm. I also had not scratched it at all. It did that on it's own. WebMD said it was cellulitis and it was going to make me go blind and brain dead. So I left work early to go to Same Day Care to make sure my entire body wasn't infected (since obvi my arm is). I called first to see how long the wait was so I could maybe take my lunch accordingly and the lady was SO. MEAN. "We no longer give wait times because it can change drastically in no time. Bye." click.

As I'm opening my mouth to say that I understand, I'm not going to hold her accountable I'm just trying to make it work with my job, she hangs up on me. Hi. When you work in a profession where you have to deal with people, you need to be nice. You need to be respectful. You need to be courteous. I'm not above complaining because I pay your paycheck when I come in. And guess what, lady? Do you know who my mom is? Nick Wolters owes her his life, so you better not cross my path.

Second, the doctor who saw me was no help whatsoever. "Go in the grass and see if you can find what bit you." Yes. Because it's still going to be there. And when it is I'm going to.....what, exactly? (Same crazy doctor who lied to my throat doctor when I had my tonsils out. I cannot stand him.) He gave me a prescription for an oral cortisone. I'm allergic to topical cortisone so that makes a lot of sense. I had to call the allergy department before I filled the prescription because I have an allergist appointment on Tuesday and I'm not allowed to have any medicine until then. When I called that lady she was even ruder than the Same Day lady. She acted like I was the biggest waste of her time and my simple question was the stupidest question she'd ever been asked. I'm sorry I'm trying to prepare for my appointment so I don't waste your time. I hope she's the nurse on Tuesday because I'm over rude people and I'm letting her know.

That's not all. Today we went to Farmer's Market and we took the dogs because obviously. We are walking along, minding our own business when this man came up to us and shoved his finger in Evan's face. Evan was like "what." (Not a question. He was mad.) And the guy was like "get your dogs on the sidewalk." All rude and nasty. Apparently it's now a city ordinance that you can't take your dogs to Farmer's Market. Ok. That is fine. But you better put up a sign where I can see it and not on a sticky note on the barricade. When I don't even walk by the barricade to get in. And don't be rude. If you "advertise" that you can't bring your dogs, take into consideration that not everyone listens to the radio, reads the paper, or watches TV. I do none of those things, ignore my BA in mass comm please. The guy brought me to tears because he was so rude first thing in my morning. (I'm writing a letter of complaint.)

To make my day even better, I read the meanest thing I've seen in a long time that has been weighing heavily on my heart all day. Evan says I read too much into things. But not this time. He agrees with me. And I'm so glad I have him to live this life with. Because gosh. Sometimes it's just hard. Sometimes, you just need a tube of hot pink lipstick to brighten your day, because everything else is going to just tear you down.

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  1. Goodness dear, I'm sorry there have been so many rude people in your life lately! I became so fed up with people who act like that, that now I just tell them off. I know that's not the 'polite' thing to do. But I don't believe anyone should have to be nice to someone who's acting like a jerk for no reason.
    I hope it gets better soon!

    On a much happier note, you look so lovely with your curls and pink lipstick!

  2. Yay for new curly hairdos and pink lipstick! Boo on bug bites and inconsiderate morons.

    Is the patch on your arm still swollen? I had something very similar happen to my leg, but after a few hours it went away. The doctor said it was because I took a hot bath and that made all my small bites swell into hives that covered both my legs. No idea if it's the same thing you have--at all--but I hope it goes away and feels better quickly.

    And good grief people are so mean sometimes. I like to try to give them the benefit of the doubt--like maybe they had a bad day--but good gee and golly some people just have mean etched in their bones. They need a wake up call, a good slap, but, sadly, sometimes that just makes them feel more justified in their meanness. Ugh.
    If it helps, usually, in a zombie apocalypse, those people are the first to go. ;]

    Feel better soon. :[ Keep looking for the sunshine. It's out there.

  3. I've tried that no-heat curls, and I look terrible in ringlets!!!! Maybe I should try it again, but looser.

    Also, I say you change doctors! They have made your life miserable twice too many times. I honestly don't get why some people choose to work in customer service when NO ONE IS MAKING THEM DO IT. They can go find a job somewhere else that doesn't require them to talk to people. Dummies.

    I would probably cry if a random stranger said that to me and my dogs. They really shouldn't get mad if there isn't a sign, and actually I'm pretty sure you can go ahead and do it anyways if there is no sign.

    I'm sorry you've got such crummy interactions lately! It's people like them that make it hard to think the best of everyone else.

  4. I'm sorry you had such an awful, rude-filled day. I hate how people can just act that way without a single thought about how it will effect others.

    The pink lipstick looks lovely on you!

    And I hope that bug bite gets handled with. <3

  5. @Allie- thank you <3. I want to tell everyone off, but I'm too nice. Sometimes, if I'm being real brave I'll do it. But then I say something stupid and think of a "good thing to say" like 5 minutes later. And thank you. I'm in love with this hairstyle. Hairstyle repeater. haha

    @Sarah- My arm is now rashy and spotted. It itches like crazy, which it didn't at first. I don't get it. Allergist better have answers and solutions or I'm going to freak out. Apparently heat is good for it so it's weird it made you hivey. No good! I put a heat compress on it and it made it go down a bit. But that's no fun when it's 100 degrees outside. I hope there is a zombie apocalypse and those people get their brains sucked out through their nostrils and eyesockets. That's how mean I'm feeling right now. You're the best.

    @katie- you should try it again! I bet you look cute! Next time I have to go to Same Day Care I'm going to say, you know that last guy I saw? Do not give me him. He's worthless. Does he have a degree because I doubt it. I can't help it there, though. But next time, I'm gonna try. And that random stranger was so mean. Apparently that happened to one of our friends last week and they're not happy either. I mean, I get it. I'm not mad I can't take my dog there, but don't be an ass about it. The sign is literally a piece of paper that was taped to one entrance. But if you didn't go in on that side you completely missed it. Helllooooooo.

    @Danielle- Thank youuuu. <3

  6. Aww larissa. Okay well first, i'm happy you love the no heat curl! My hair was bad in the back too, so we just need to help each other out there. :) and oh my gosh, i'm sorry you're so allergic to bug bites!! I hope your allergist can figure it out! And rude people suck. And there are so so many of them. Ew! And as far as that last thing goes. Don't worry about it too much. Everything will be okay. Let's get rudey rudes out of our lives! And yes, if that lady is your nurse, please tell her off because she deserves it. :)

  7. Oh p.s. I forgot to tell you that you are amazing and i love your new love for lipstick! It looks so good on you! :)

  8. @Jamie- I read your comment in the middle of my work day and it totally brightened my day. <3 thaaank you. thank you. thank you. you're amazing. we need to figure out the back of our heads because mine was basically a rat's nest that I ripped out and now I'm bald back there. yikes. i'm so excited to meet my rudy rude nurse tomorrow! i just sent in my complaint to Farmer's market and it was so nice. oh and did evan tell you my mailman story? terrifying! you would have died because i almost did and you hate door knocking more than me. yuck.