Sunday, August 7, 2011

23 before 24 update

4. Go camping, sleep in a tent, fry some fish.

Check, check, fail.

We got our selves all prepared to go on this day hike camping trip and sleep at this gorgeous lake where millions of fishies swim swim swim and want to be eaten.

But then, at 5:00 am when we were stealing my parents' lawn chairs, Evan decided to check his phone just in case this camp ground was closed. So. Prepared. So we ended up going to this campground no where near where we wanted, without a hiking spot (which would have knocked another thing off my list...). But it ended up being perfect because we were the only people there (until like 40 people drove up, got out of their cars, walked to the river, turned around, went back. sweet.), we didn't have to deal with hauling our junk a long distance, and we didn't have to keep our dogs on leashes. We're so illegal.

This tent belongs to my parents. My dad was all, "Do you know how to set this up? It's kinda tricky." Dad. I'm not 12. I'm pretty sure I can figure it out. Um no. Should have listened to my father because it came out looking like a stegasaurus. And Evan was screaming and it was hot and my shoulder was burning and this was not right or fun.

And then we figured it out. It's still a little stegasaurus-y but that's ok. It's cute.

This happened. "Daaaaad can I go get it? Puhleaaaase?"

And we took a nap and woke up to thunder. Lovely.

I illegally fished. Illegal because fishing licenses are 400 million dollars and we only bought one. For Evan. No I didn't catch anything. NOR did I lose the lure like Evan did 60 times.

Would ya look at it? Would ya just look at it? We built a fire! And boiled some water. PS. Would you drink river water? I said no. Evan wanted to boil it for dinner and I was not having it. I'm a water snob.

Some serious wildlife. That's a raccoon eating a snake. The raccoon was on this bridge like 50 yards away, and I was pretty sure it was a monkey. People kept stopping and taking pictures. Of a raccoon? Sweet. THAT'S why I thought it was a monkey.

I need a cabin here. Naow.
The water was freezing. Nothing has ever felt so good.
Then this happened. Evan says, "Ummmmm what does this light on the dash mean?" "Tire pressure needs checking." "We'll check it in Columbus (30 miles away)." Then I hear this noise and see the front of my car leaning to the right like the tire is f-l-a-t flat. It sure was. Got it changed by the help of a very nice neighbor because Simon's jack, jack placement, and tire iron are not good. So screw you Simon. Also screw you for running over a rock and splitting your tire open.
All in all, it was a wonderful trip. We roasted mallows and hot dogs and ate pickles and chips and cookies and asiago cheese bagels (which is the best thing on this planet if you didn't know.). Snap puked in the car all over one of our sleeping bags and a blanket. So we had one sleeping bag and one fleece blanket. And two dogs. It was freezing. Plus the wind was blowing 900 miles an hour and the were some serious rocks under my shoulder and spine. I cannot wait for my bed and a million blankies tonight.

And I cannot wait to go again and for reals catch some fishies. I love summer.

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  1. Overall it looks like you had a good trip! I'm awful at setting up tents, so I feel your pain!

    I would love to go camping again soon, it's just SO HOT here.
    Glad you had a good time! xo.

  2. Oh gosh, I haven't been camping in years! I kind of want to go now.

  3. @Allie- Apparently I'm awful, too! haha I mostly stood around and let Evan do it. I'm a lot of help.
    @Colby-it was fun! do it!

  4. ahh i love camping! it sounds even better when it's illegal ;)

  5. @Katie- I'm all about being illegal. SO much more fun!

  6. Oh man! Looks like you guys had some fun times even through the not so fun. It's so pretty there! Seriously!

  7. Gotta love the great outdoors:-) We're going camping in a few weeks! Always a good time! xoxo

  8. Ok, I don't know how I missed this post, but it makes me smie SO big :]
    What an adventure!
    Love the crazy racoons, illegal fishing, and the stegosaurus tent. Too funny.
    And cars . . . hm . . . they just like to fall apart at the most inconvenient moments, don't they?

    So glad you had fun!!!

  9. @Amy-the good def outweighed the bad!
    @bonbon-have so much fun! i hope your car doesn't break down like ours did!!!
    @Sarah-cars are rude. mine decided to eat gas this week too so i'm putting a million dollars in her tank every day. so thaaat's fun. but camping was awesome. such a random adventure. but so fun.