Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twenty Three

214. Eating real food again! Hallelujah! When the doctor told me that I would have a three week recovery period where I was unable to eat anything besides popsicles and applesauce, he forgot that I am a rockstar. (Throat still hurts, still scabby, but like 100% better than last week.)

215. Hanging out with friends at a wedding reception until like 1 am. And then hanging out at my house talking about relationships with Jamie until like 3 am.

216. Stacey, a lady who works with Evan and Jamie who is just the most spectacular person I've ever met. She told us her life story, while drunk, and still managed to be the greatest story teller I've ever heard.

217. Worship songs that you just really need to hear.

218. Seeing less fortunate people and truly realizing how well off you are. No matter how much money you don't have, or how you don't have iphones, or the nicest cars, or a flat screen TV. These things are worthless when you think about the things that really matter.

219. Sweet little old people in love and holding hands.

220. Watching Evan sing on the worship team for the first time in front of a million people almost. And then I tried to take a picture and the people behind me totally judged me for having my camera out during worship. Oops.

221. Bartender husband = awesome drinks. My new thing? Mojitos. I don't even like rum and I'm in love with these summery, fresh drinks!

222. Being tired after an entire week of insomnia.

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