Sunday, June 19, 2011

50 books for 2011, part deux

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10. The Help, by Katherine Stockett. 
Verdict: I really liked this book, but I thought the ending was rather rushed. Overall, I was pretty hooked through the entire book. I love history, and although this story is fictional, it was inspired by true history. And it was completely different than my usual reads.

11. Family History: A Novel, by Dani Shapiro.
Verdict: At first I loved this book. Then it began to kind of annoy me. Basically, this family has some huge tragedy happen and the author is working backwards to tell the story. But she builds up the tragedy so much you get hooked and then you're let down when she finally gets to what happened. The dad character pissed me off so much I just wanted to skip over whole chapters. It wasn't a terrible book, but when I was finished and I thought about it, I realized I didn't like it as much as I thought I did. If that makes any sense at all...

12.  It's Kind of a Funny Story, by Ned Vizzini.
Verdict: I loved this book so much that I just forgave the improbable and rushed story. I also saw this book on Kaleena's blog and I really love when bloggers do book reviews. So keep that up, people.

13. She's Come Undone, by Wally Lamb.
 Verdict: This book and I had a lovehate relationship. I started reading it and realized I had been reading for a long time and wasn't very far into the book. And I'm a fast reader. Yes, this book was one of the longest books I've ever read and Wiki says there are 386 or 465 pages (hardback then paperback).  
Then I realized there were a ton of errors and I got super peeved. Errors like, "I'mnotdonehereyet." Um, that is not a word. There should be some spaces in that sentence. And other errors like, "Dante, I'm toe         Yeah, literally no punctuation and that doesn't even make sense with punctuation, so.... But my favorite error was: "I'll never sleep/91 thought Then, without warning, .........." Yep. Word for word. Ok, listen, Amazon. I know I only paid $9 for this book but I paid $9 for this book. Ya know? So I complained. Because seriously. For a while, there were at least 3 different errors on each page. And Kindle pages aren't very big. Amazon told me they'd take the book off the website while they fixed it (no they did not.) and then they'd give me a credit (they did.) and then some rude guy (Garret C. Don't ever ever ever everrrr get him as your Amazon help person. Ever.) wanted me to go through the entire book and find every. single. error. So, I was like, "Thanks for the job, Garret! How much do I get paid and when do I start!?!" And he wasn't very happy with that. Um, hi, let me do your job for you and you can just keep the pay check, okay? Okay! 
Anyway, back to the book. I really, really liked this book. It did get a little tedious when this girl dealt with every. single. problem a girl could deal with in her 40 year life. But the story was well told and I laughed out loud (not to be confused with LOL) multiple times. That's important. I recommend, 100%. Once Amazon gets their act together and fixes their junk, that is. Ps. This is a recommendation from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. I love her taste in books. And did you see her post at Hello Giggles this week? Perrrfect! Also, PS2, Oprah loves this book. Always a good choice with Oprah.

Still reading:
(Still is not to be confused with currently.)

The Memory Keepers Daughter, by Kim Edwards.
Verdict: I have nothing new to say about this book because I haven't picked it up since early May. Whoops! I'll finish it before I buy another book. Swear.
Have you read anything good lately?

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  1. thanks for the recs! the only thing i've read lately was tina fey's bossypants. yes, it was hilarious.

  2. Loved The Help! It's not my usual reading material, but I realyl enjoyed it.

    I've heard good things about She's Come Undone, so maybe I'll put that my "to-read" list.

    Yay for summer reading!

  3. i reeealy want to read 'it's kind of a funny story'. i saw the movie and loved it, and aren't books usually way better?

  4. @Sarah-do it! It's so well written, it's just longggg.
    @Suzy-I need to see the movie! I hear books are pretty good, sometimes better than movies! haha