Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twenty Four

223. A brand new bottle of mascara, and realizing how old and dry and clumpy your last bottle was.

224. Evening walks in the last bit of sun.

225. Evening walks in the last bit of sun when you walk by a house with a bush of the prettiest flowers you've ever seen. And then on the way home, in the dark, stealing some.

226. Husbands and their "just because" flowers.
227. Going back to the DB to say hello to my friends. (And to see Vera.) But guess who I saw?! BJORG! Best day over.

228. Baseball games under the lights. Oh, those lights make me so happy.

229. Thunder that shakes the entire house. And the lightning that lights up the sky. Like that Afters song that I so love.

230. A new job? What?! Yep. =]

231. People who say "thank you."

232. The way Evan can make me laugh harder than anyone else. And the laugh I have for him and only him.

3 loves:

  1. *Yay for evening walks and flower thieving! Fabulous!
    *Thunderstorms are INCREDIBLE. One of the highlights of the summer. Love.
    *New job?? What what?? Fantastic! Details details!
    *Yay for husband-induced laughter. it's the best kind ;^}

  2. Ahhhh, I love cracking open a new mascara! Also, I think you should know that I'm pretty settled on Clinique. I don't think I have EVER bought the same kind of mascara twice, but I'm going to get another tube of Clinique because out of all the millions I've tried, it's definitely my fave. Thanks for having such good recommendations. <3

    Let's take our doggies on an evening walk soon! <3

  3. @ Sarah- I found these new flowers I need to go steal. I just need it to get dark so I can sneak. haha and details soon. Promise!
    @ Jamie- Clinique is by far my favorite. Except I ran out of the free samples I had and I was at target so I just bought some there and I got Maybelline Volume Express One by One in a bright pink bottle and I'm obsessed. It's so smooth and it covers so well. I will def buy it again.

    And let's do doggie walks soon! And steal some flowers! yes!