Tuesday, June 28, 2011

23 before 24 update

"Take a picture of the same place for 12 months."

We went to a little park on the Rims and took a million pictures of this beautiful place I call home. It is the perfect temperature, just over 80, and sunny, and still. I just want to put tonight in a jar so I can open it again and again.

Uh, that's our airport. Our three terminal airport.

And that's my tree town.

sun spot <3

Yucca. I made Evan stop the car and reverse to this beautiful flower. I tried to cut if off because that's how I do, but it was stronger than a tree. I'll have to bring my clippers next time. Or a shovel. For the entire plant. I'm so illegal.

Just look at those clouds.
It was such a perfect night. Minus the two new mosquito bites I got, and how I'm having an allergic reaction to being outside for twenty minutes. Oh, Evan also tried to "bomb some hills" in Simon and that was terrifying. I could just see us rolling down to the highway. I also stole some of those pretty yellow flowers and some sagebrush because I couldn't leave with those pretty flowers AND sagebrush is one of my all time favorite smells. It's basically my childhood. (See picture #4 for pretty yellow flowers.)

Montana, I love you.

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  1. I LOVE being on the rims at sunset. <3 I also love sun spots in pictures.

    These are all gorgeous! So, you're going to go up there and take pictures of the same things once a month?

  2. I've heard that Montana is gorgeous, and your pictures really brought that completely to life. Makes me want to pack up and move there like . . . I dunno . . . NOW. ;^]
    I can't wait to see how your 12 month project with this goes!

  3. @Jamie- yes ma'am I am! Just so I can see how much changes in 30 days. It will probs be pretty boring Oct-April with 141239 feet of snow. hahaha ew.

    @Sarah-do it! Or come visit!!! It's so beautiful and this is in town. Imagine what it's like up in the mountains!!! We're heading there in 3 weeks so brb with some more beautiful pictures!

  4. Beautiful pictures, great job!!