Thursday, June 16, 2011

to the park

Our friends Jess and Joe are puppy owners, too, to a beautiful black lab. They told us about this little lake west of Billings that is perfect to take the dogs swimming in. We've previously tried to get Ginger to swim in the river but she's terrified of the water. She wades through it like it's going to bite her legs, and Snap is two pounds so she's terrified of anything.

So we went. I tanned. Evan swam in the freezing water. Ginger whined about the freezing water. Snap watched and jumped in on. her. own. twice! So much (free) fun!

I cannot remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did when I saw my 7 pound dog, doggy paddling back to me. She's never been in water before and her instincts are so good! I'm such a proud mama!


Bravest man alive to 1. go swimming in the ice pond, 2. get in that dirty water.

She's a horse, kinda.

Cheering about Ginger swimming out to the ball on her own like a big girl.

The end. Exhausted and hiding her ball from Evan.

I wore shorts for the first time this year, and my chacos and bathed in the beautiful sun. I cannot wait till it's a tiny titch warmer, I'm sure this is going to be a common spot for our summer activities.

Also, Evan is playing some NBA game on our SUPER NINTENDO. Guess where we got it? (The game not the console.) A pawn shop. Ew. Anyway, it's from the 90's and so ridiculously stone age and primitive. HAAAA.

I love today. Which is coincidentally Evan's day off which makes today awesome.

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  1. too cute!
    sometimes i wish we had a dog to take on excursions.

    have a good day!


  2. Ahhh what a brave soul for going in the cold water! Even the beaches here are way too cold for me.
    I love that you puppy is a water puppy. She's cooler than my dogs!
    I'm glad you are enjoying your shorts. and your day off :)

  3. Luca's never had the chance to try to swim. I want to take her out there with you guys and see what happens! where is this place?

  4. @Jamie- it's the lake on the other side of laurel on the curve of the highway past the refinery? You've seen it on your way west. Let's plan a doggy date. Luca's legs are so tiny I wonder what she'll do! haha
    @Katie-I don't do cold water so clearly I enjoyed the sun and sand and sorts. haha

  5. Love water adventures.
    And the fact that Evan swam in freezing water? Man points.

  6. aw this sounds like fun! soo lucky you have a dog! :)

  7. Man, I wish my dog would do that. My poor little puppy would never even step foot in water if I didn't make her dung baths. She's far too prissy. These photos make smile, it looks like it was a good day!

  8. Statistics show that having a dog increases your life span, so you all need to get a dog!!! haha