Monday, June 13, 2011

the cuteness

Then she rolled over on top of it.

I love love love this one.

We do a lot of sniffing around here.

And a lot of mothering.
I cannot even handle how cute the kittens now are. They respond to my voice so whenever I peek my head into their room they run right to me. And I do mean run. They're little legs cannot come fast enough. They all adore Ginger's tail, even though she can't control it and whips it around knocking 4 of them flat. Our little favorite (pictured above) has quite the purr going on. And she uses it often because she just loves her perfect little life. Snap's getting better with them, but she likes to sniff their behinds just to make sure she knows who is who. She also really really really wants to play so she bats at them and gets in her play stance but they only understand the fast moving tail of Ginger as a play toy. They are becoming so much fun I cannot wait until they can walk a little better and I start finding them in my closet, under my couch, on my bed, behind the washer (still need to fix that death trap....). Ahhhhhh!!! They're too cute.

8 loves:

  1. haha seriously adorable! I am such a sucker for animals. you're soo lucky!

    The cuteness.
    It kills.
    In the best kind of ways.
    Love these kitties! I'm so happy for you getting to enjoy these precious furballs! AH!!!

  3. Awe, these are growing up so cute! Do they have names yet?

  4. i don't like cats- but those kittens are adorable! They way they interact with the dogs is just too cute!

  5. Love it! I'm going to come and visit before they are gone ok?

  6. Well, I just died of cuteness overload