Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Nineteen

179. Convincing Evan to have Chinese food with me and having the best in town. I have a new love for crab wantons.

180. When you can wake yourself up from a terrible dream.

181. Letting myself get behind on all my shows so I have an excuse to lay in bed and watch TV all day. (ps. Is anyone else watching Grey's and is it pissing anyone else off? Um, that is not what African orphans with HIV look like. Just FYI.)

182. Catching up on all my shows and having only one more episode (of each show) to look forward to. Equals getting my butt out of bed and doing something with my life.

183. Letting Sybil lay on my hand so I can feel her babies move. Can I tell you how much this makes me want to have kids? I am so jealous of my cat right now. And that will subside in a few days (hours?!! please hours, please!) when she goes into gross cat labor and you can Google that for yourselves if you're brave.

184. Husband and wife telepathy.

185. When I ask my dad to borrow his sander for a project and he tells me to "use my hair dryer to peel the old paint off." And I'll be 65 when that finally works, so no. Give me. the sander. thank. you. (But no seriously. My dad's the greatest.)

186. Making these with my mom for my brother's graduation party (pics to come later...after the party.)

187. Spending two days with my mom in the kitchen and having wonderful conversation, lots of laughs, and good mother daughter time.

4 loves:

  1. I love love love loveeee Grand Garden's crab wontons! Ahhh. Their buffet is just too much of amazingness. Also, Sybil's stomach looks crazy!

  2. I know! I about died of happiness afterwards. Plus hot tea? Heaven. And Sybil's tum tum is out of pregnant control. It hangs to one side. Babies are smushed.

  3. loved that you said "husband wife telepathy"! Haha!
    And mother daughter time is the best!

  4. haha well it's true! Sometimes I can just look at Evan and he'll be like "are you thirsty? do you want some tea?" without me having to say anything. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about =] But we don't finish each other's sentences very well hahaha