Friday, May 13, 2011

I have cute dogs.

 I have a dog named Snap. She might weigh 6 pounds, but she's my big bad guard dog. 

I have a dog named Ginger. She's orange and her name is Ginger, I get the joke... and no, I did not name her.

 Also, I have a cat. Her name is Sybil, but she's practically a dog. Also, she's having kittens next week. Snap is also an attention whore.

 I laid down to take Sybil's picture. Snap crawled on my back and laid down. Then, I stood up and she climbed on my shoulders. (Please excuse so many things about these pictures: my shower hair/no makeup; my clean clean clean craft room; my super clean mirror. Clearly I've been spending my days off not cleaning.)

And that is all. I sure do love my pups. (And cat.)

7 loves:

  1. Wow. That Ginger dog is gorgeous. Probably the prettiest one I have ever seen. Also, you are gorgeous. Definitely the prettiest I have ever seen.

  2. I like how you ignore Snap and Sybil. They're the ugly stepchildren to you. Also, I like how you put Ginger first. Now I'm the ugly step child.

  3. aww your pups are so cute!! I didn't know you had so many

  4. Aww! I have a tiny dog too! I wish I had a cute cat, I love their attitudes.

  5. Omg these pics are too cute! I love that your little pup crawled on your shoulders. Too funny! My cats did that when they were kittens but not so much any more. Yay pets! :]

  6. You do have cute pups! I'm a dog-mom too... nothin' like it. :)