Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week of Thanks, Week Twelve

110.  Church, worship, communion.

111. When Sybil likes to cuddle and not claw me or lay on my face. When she is just a cute, normal cat who gives me allergies and who loves watching TV. "I'm going to start calling her Helen Keller because she has so many personalities."

112. Pressure. Like when Evan can cover me and make everything go away.

113. Vintage shopping with Mandi. 

114. Evan. Just Evan.

115. Spring cleaning my house. Equals my house is the cleanest it has ever been and I never want to leave it.

116. Church, this weeks theme "lay it down at the cross." Um, hi, have you seen my life lately? So. Perfect.

117. Lunch with the inlaws.

118. Adorable children. And thinking that someday, I'll have adorable children.

3 loves:

  1. That is a very sweet list! Sometimes the little things are the best!

  2. Are you being sarcastic about the Helen Keller thing? I have a book about Sybil that you would probably hate but find super intriguing. Her mom was CRAZEBALLS!

  3. Thanks, Amy. I'm trying to find joy and happiness in all the things I normally take for granted. It's so great. hahaha

    And Jessica, it's from a movie, "The Other Guys" with Will Ferrel and that one guy...about the cops. It's funny. You should see it. Also, I almost bought that book on my Kindle and I think I still might.