Thursday, April 7, 2011

This week has been a rough week for us. We found out on Sunday that Evan's Grandpa was in the ER because he was having problems breathing. He had been having problems that were worsening by the day for about three weeks, and Grandma decided enough was enough. So she took him in. They admitted him to the ATU and he's been there ever since. They drained the fluid in his lungs and put him on oxygen and continuous nursing support. (He even had to have a 24/7 nurse in his room because he likes to be independent stubborn and just hop on outta bed whenever the heck he feels like it. I forsee this problem being carried down to Evan and I...) 

Anyway, a few days ago they found out that he has cancer. Cancer in his lungs/heart/surrounding areas. They haven't told us yet. He had a biopsy done on the mass and the results come back tomorrow. Praying for good news.

So Evan and I ventured up to the hospital to see him today. He's such a sweet man. He loves I mean loves to tell me all about his life, where he's been, what Ev was like as a kid, his genealogy, etc. Like one time, at my sister and brother-in-laws house, he told me all about his dad (I think, now I forget) and how he was a rodeo clown. He even traced our (his) genealogy back, way far back. I love it.

That's him telling us stories about Evan's mom. He brought the book just for us.
It is just so heartbreaking to see him suffer. To see how hard it is for him to breathe and keep his eyes open.  How tired he is. How bad it must hurt. And then to see his wife sitting next to him, supporting him, bickering as always =], just loving him nonstop. For instance: he fell asleep and began snoring (it's a Harris/Cook thing, I tell you what.) and I commented on how that's where Evan gets it. Grandma responded, "It might be loud but at least when I'm lying there in bed I know he's still breathing." 

Talk about rose colored glasses. Here I am, punching Evan in the face while he's snoring my ears off, and she's thanking God that He's letting her know her husband is still alive.

I began to lose my grandparents in 3rd grade. I have been through this three times, and now all I have left is my adopted grandma, Mema. I've been through it. I know what it's like. But Evan hasn't. He has both sets of grandparents, still. How much I envy him. How lucky he is that he is this old, he's had this much time with them, and he still gets to spend time with them. How I envy my cousins who lived where my grandparents lived and who were able to see them at will. How blessed I am that the Cooks and Harrises have accepted me into their families. 

I cannot wait to grow old with Evan. To hold his hand through thick and thin, sickness and health, smiles and tears. And to have a love story that my grand kids will envy and admire.

Psalm 91:11 "For He commands His angels concerning you. They will lift you up in the palms of their hands so you will not strike your foot against a stone."

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  1. I love that whole part about the snoring. That really puts things into perspective.

    I hope everything turns out okay. <3

  2. I really liked the snoring part too. It's sweet to see how much people can love each other after so many years.