Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week of thanks, Week Eight.

77.  Trying out new things for dinner: mac and cheesy cheese, stuffed portabello mushrooms with chicken, lemon and cream pasta, and almond chicken. yum yum yum.

78. The Mac and Cheese at the Brew Pub. Best m&c on earth.

79. Going grocery shopping by myself, at Walmart, at 11:00 am, and not freaking out. 

80. Rain.

81.Teaching Snap how to high five.

82. Cuddling with my puppies for hours.

83. Finally being able to sleep in.

84. The best experience at fro-yo, ever. Thanks to the few drinks we had before.

4 loves:

  1. Don't they have lobster mac and cheese at the Brew Pub?? Ahhhh want.

  2. That was the best fro-yo experience ev. Oh goodness. That place.

  3. My favorite part was the awkward girl. And then you telling Logan to put the shades down. That guy hated our guts.