Monday, March 7, 2011

Current issues.

Target: You need to make shoes that I don't walk through.

Moosejaw: You need to send your orders faster.

FedEx: You need to deliver my damn package that has been on your truck since 5 am.

Work: You need to let me leave at my scheduled time.

People: You need to shower and shave your pitties so I don't have to be grossed out.

Work: You need to pay me more money so I can buy myself nice things.

Car: You need to stop making that funny noise because I don't have the time or funds or patience to fix you.

Cat: You need to stop being in heat because I want to kick you in the face for meowing so much.

Towels: You need to fold yourselves.

Sheets: You need to dry yourselves and remake the bed.

Evan: You need to arrange your schedule so you will see me more than once a week.

Thank you everyoneslashthing for being so accommodating.

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  1. LOVE this post and feel the same way. Like right now. And a lot lately.