Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home, Sweet Home.


We landed in Denver on US soil around 4 and we got to Billings around 8. Coming home is the worst because the flights are like 89023181 hours long and the seats are not nearly roomy enough. However, finally getting home and seeing my sky line and smelling my air and sitting in my car and opening my house for the first time and showering in my shower for the first time is just ......unexplainable.

I'm still trying to process my trip. There is no doubt about it that it was amazing. But it was completely different than I expected it to be. I don't want to put everything in one giant long blog that no one will read. And I really want to get rid of my sea legs and jet lag and maybe get some sleep and brush my teeth like 100 more times with REAL water and REAL tooth paste and process everything.

I learned why I came like 2 days into the trip and it was just about the most heartbreaking thing I've ever woken up and realized. I spent a lot of time arguing with God about whether or not I would be coming back because I was pretty sure I had a better idea about my life than he did. Having to deal with having your dreams kind of shattered and rebuilt all in a few days really wears on a person. Plus there was hardly any time or room for me to have some real alone time. Like alone, alone. Not just the kind before dinner or when you're walking around the site. Like me time. I was alone for maybe 10 minutes the entire trip. And anyone who knows me should know that if I do not get a decent amount of alone time I'll probably hate your guts.

So I need to process that out. I need to evaluate myself. My trip. My husband. My past. And my future.

And it seems like a lot. And I'm going to share. Because, hello, I took probably over a thousand pictures. I'm slightly out of hand with my camera.

But it really was amazing.

God is good...

All the time.

Here are just a [few] pictures I'll share til I can edit and upload them all....

Zelalum and I. Get ready for his story in a few days <3

View from our hotel window at night slash I was playing with my camera.

Me, Derartu, and Zelalum. Yes I look Habasha but it's a dirt tan.


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  1. I can't wait to hear ALLLLLL about all of it!! <3 I love the dirt tan especially.