Friday, January 8, 2016

Things Maddox says v.4

"If you hit me again, you will go to jail."-Evan
"No! It's rough in there."-Maddox

"What's your name?"-me
"Maddox Oliver Took."-Maddox
"What's mom's name?"-me
"Moms Oliver Took."-Maddox

"You have glitter everywhere."-me (that's from when I thought he was napping but he was actually dumping my nail glitter all over my room)
"On mine booty?"-Maddox

"I love you."-me
"I love you, too. I love you more."-Maddox

"I need a helmet. For Christmas."-Maddox

"Maddox, do you like football? Can you give me a play-by-play?"-me
"Yeah. Put it in the hole."-Maddox

"That's very funny but very gross."-Maddox

"It's time to nap."-me
"I need to dance first."-Maddox

"Do you want to eat this snow?"-me
"No. It's not food."-Maddox

"Please leave that light on so I can see."-me
"It's too late to say sorry."-Maddox

"Birds poop, too."-Maddox

"Maddox, you're not big enough to push the button."-me
"I are big. Yook!"-Maddox 

"Hey mom? What color is your hair?"-Maddox

"Can you help me carry this stuff in?"-me
"It's tired in here."-Maddox 

"What does a raccoon say?"-me
"Put your fingers to your mouf and say, 'meeeememeememe.'"-Maddox

"Let's try this table. *Leans on the table.* Yep."-Maddox

"Jingle balls. Jingle balls. Jingle balls. Jingle all da way."-Maddox

"Yook! More ickasuls!"-Maddox 
translation: icicles 

"My hands are fingered."-Maddox

"I just bein Justin Beiber."-Maddox

"What's Justin Beibers doin?"-Maddox

"Do chickens live in eggs?"-Maddox
"No, chickens don't live in eggs."-me
"YEAH! DO!"-Maddox 
"Oh! Okay!"-me
"Chickens like livin in eggs."-Maddox 

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