Friday, May 15, 2015

05/12 [round two]

Last week Evan and I found this field of wildflowers and I desperately needed pictures there. Okay, so they're weeds. But. I love them. I also borrowed my friend Isabel's cowboy boots for another thing and needed another reason to wear them. But not really because maybe I just wore them around my house all week. Maybe.

It was apparently Arbor Day while we were taking these (and those) pictures and there were approximately 50 thousand people occupying this park. They almost didn't let us in and I gave the guy a look (like I'm basically known for), and he was all, "Just drive slow. Don't hit any kids." THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Wow. Great advice. Shoot. Maybe you should write a book of great advice. Just a thought.

We only hit five kids so it was probably okay.

Just kidding. But there were a lot of kids. And we were just out there with our camera and tripod and in the rain. And Maddox was terrified because they were also cutting trees down, which I'm confused by because I definitely thought Arbor Day was the opposite of that.

I'm so thankful for a husband who has no shame in taking pictures with his picky and needy wife. And a baby who mostly cooperates (with bribery). And for friends who have cute cowboy boots in your exact size and who let you borrow them at the very last second.

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