Sunday, March 15, 2015

too many pictures of a dog that isn't mine

Well. Our friend Nick just got a Great Dane puppy. He shipped him in from a breeder and we were all, "We're coming to take pictures when you meet him." And so we did just that. They brought out his kennel into the baggage claim of our dinky airport and no less than 45 people came up to see what this giant elephant-sized crate was holding. And then Nick went to grab a cart to haul the kennel to the car and some lady was talking to me, saying, "You should just let him out. Open the kennel. Just open it." I said, "It's not my dog so I don't think so." But she kept pressuring me to do it. I don't know where Evan had gone but I was alone with some lady who might have been a drug pusher who definitely wanted me to open the kennel and let the dog out so she could steal him.

ALSO. Side note. While we were waiting for the plane to deboard Maddox was standing by us and casually walking around. The three of us had our eyes on him the entire time and he never went more than a few feet from us. But this old lady felt the need to come up to us and say, "You better be careful. Someone's going to kidnap him." And then add at the end when she saw my look of utter pissed-off-ness, "Because he's so cute." I will literally cut you. Back off.

Anyway. We took him outside and hauled him out of his kennel and he's absolutely perfect and I love him with all of me already and he's not even mine. Nick named him Moose, probably because he's going to be the size of a moose when he's full grown. His parents were just around 180-pounds. Which is insane and I will buy a saddle and I will probably ride him around. He's currently 9-weeks old and weighs 31-pounds and has the biggest little paws. So, yes, he will definitely live up to his behemoth name. Also, Maddox saying "Moose," just about kills me. He's got it down but we definitely drilled him on it all day before we went to meet him. He's pretty into the dog as long as Moose isn't touching or licking him.

We're a lot in love with our new little friend who is made entirely of velvet and cuddles and love.

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