Friday, February 13, 2015


Maddox and I hung out in the most beautiful 60 degree sunshine this morning to paint together. I've tried to give him watercolors before but he's more interested in smashing the paintbrush into all the colors than he is drawing on paper with it. So, I found him a $1 watercolor set at Target and broke out the gigantic roll of kraft paper and thought he would just go to town on it. He's a big fan of chalk + his chalk board desk that my mom made him. He's a big fan of coloring on every surface of my house with chalk, too. So, I thought that it would be fairly obvious that watercolors would be like the most amazing thing for him.

I mean, he was actually like YOU KNOW WHAT IS BETTER THAN PAINTING, MOM? SMASHING THE COLORS TOGETHER. So. I was wrong. And I tried to show him how much fun it is to paint on paper but he was more interested in painting the other colors and then figured out that he could also paint the rocks and also paint the patio. So. He enjoyed it. Just differently than I envisioned.

While Maddox "painted" I decorated the wrapping paper for Evan's gift. Just a few x's and o's because, you know, hugs and kisses or whatever. I am obsessed with brown kraft paper as wrapping paper and this spring weather in the middle of winter and sunshine and kisses from my peanut butter face baby.

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