Monday, December 1, 2014

11/12 (a year of dates)

You guys, November was, like, the worst month in the history of sickness for the Cook family. There were at least two of us who felt like complete and total garbage at all times. Evan and Maddox definitely got the worst of it and were sick over Thanksgiving (so lame). I was sick at the beginning of the month with whatever stomach virus (not the flu. Educate yourselves.) was going around and then it stayed dormant in our house for a minute before I passed it onto my boys (so sorry, my loves). I totally got karma'd though because I woke up yesterday morning with a sinus infection that made even breathing difficult.

So. Basically, there wasn't a lot of dating to be had in the month of November. I sucked it up last night for a quick trip to a nice restaurant followed by a beer but it was pretty rough. Montana also decided to dump a foot of snow + have freezing temps so that's really not helping matters any.

We were sort of planning on a little sledding date because we know some secret sledding locations. But then thanks to the freezing cold + sinus issues + I don't even own any sort of winter gear really, we decided against it. We have a tiny little hill in the park across the street from our house and so we're planning on taking Maddox on his first little sledding adventure this week. We'll make it a little family date but hopefully there will be no sharing sicknesses involved.

In other news, that beer below is one of my top three beers, ever. It's a pomegranate wheat and it's so dang good. This little brewery makes different flavored wheats for every season (strawberry, you guys. YUM.) and I can't get enough. 

2 loves:

  1. oh babes!! you poor things.
    praying december is amazing for you and NO SICKNESS. GET OUT OF HERE.

    you make me giggle. and now i want strawberry beer. never had that! sounds yum!

    1. THANK YOU. it better leave us alone, is all i have to say!

      strawberry beer basically tastes the same as all other wheat beer. or so i've had. but i like this wheat beer and i don't mind that it's probably all the same with a different label slapped on the side of it. ;]

      also, strawberry Red's is amazing. i do love that strawberry beer. =]