Friday, September 12, 2014


I met Evan before my senior year of highschool. I thought he was the most annoying and he had different thoughts about me. I was dating his best friend and he wanted to date his best friends girlfriend but instead he was dating some other girl. 

And then we got together and then we got married and now we have forever. I think about how silly it is that two people can find each other and fall in love in this sea-of-people-world that we live in. It doesn't seem possible but it happens and it happened to us.

We celebrated this guy and how he is the best ever yesterday because he finally turned the same age as me. Slacker. [I hateeee that I am older and sometimes we pretend that he is older for fun.] We didn't do anything big or crazy this year but spend the day together and cook a big fancy delicious dinner and I got him a giant bottle of one of his favorite [gross] dark beers and I even remembered to put a glass in the freezer so that it would be good and cold for him. Sometimes I am thoughtful. And to further prove my thoughtfulness, I changed all diapers AND let Evan listen to ESPN radio in the car. hashtag wife of the year.

Happy birthday my love. You're my favorite slash the best slash I still love the shit out of that shirt on you.

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