Thursday, August 7, 2014


The other night Maddox and I were winding down outside. It's my favorite time of the day when we can just sit outside and play together. Usually I bring a book and call it a success if I can read more than a page. Usually he finds a toy (like that new BFF rock) and he throws it at the cat and the dog and wanders around picking up dirt and sticks and leaves and pulling all of my flowers off of my plants.

Those are our evenings.

But this particular evening I was sitting in my chair when I realized it was quiet. I looked up from my spot on the end of the table to see that my sweet baby boy had climbed in his own chair and was sitting quietly playing with that little rock. I sprinted inside to get my camera and prayed that he would still be sitting in his chair when I returned (he's the master of moving positions when he's being especially cute). I snapped these real quick before my battery died (of course) but they're perfect.

I want to keep these nights forever and ever. I know that the next stage will bring super fun things and make me love this boy even more than I do right this very second as I contemplate going and waking him up just so I can hear his laugh and cuddle him BUT. I love this stage so dang much. Everything. He's so perfect, it makes my heart swell. I am so lucky that he's mine. 

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