Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Big boy status

I finally broke down and moved Maddox to the big boy bath this week. He was getting too rambunctious for my kitchen sink and I was tired of mopping up buckets of water after every bath. And so, I plopped Maddox into the tub a few nights ago. I got him lots of bath-friendly toys--because he took his first real tub bath while we were on vacation in Denver and all he wanted to do was stand up and play with the faucet and toiletries--and sat on the floor while he played in the water to his heart's content.

This little baby has gone from sponge baths to baby tub baths to bathroom sink to kitchen sink to showers to the big tub. It's like this tangible, very real thing that I can look at and be amazed that this 20-some pound baby used to fit in our teeny tiny bathroom sink or that he ever was so small to be propped up on pillows while we sponged him down and he cried in protest.

I never knew that a year could feel like a hundred years until I spent it watching this baby become a toddler. Life with a baby seems like ages upon eons ago. Life is a whirlwind and it's loud and beautiful and messy and foggy and perfect all at once.

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  1. A bit of heaven ☺

  2. ugg for that babies grow, I wish they can be tiny for long time to just to hold them.. AWWWW OWWEE tooooo cute thats all i can say hes adorable also

    1. me too! but it's okay. growing up is good, too. i'm sure there'll be plenty of moments where i regret saying that but for now i'm okay with it.

    2. :( i know its soo good for them all to grow up!!