Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Card

Here's the thing: I hate buying cards. I just don't understand why cards cost like $5. On top of that, there is always, always, always some obnoxious person in the card aisle taking all the space and reading every. single. card. It never fails. It's usually a mom and her posse of like 15 or so children who are screaming and throwing junk around and all I want is five seconds to get a card and get the heck out.

I got over that real fast when I decided to just make Evan a card for every card required holiday. It has kind of become my thing now. It usually involves some type of craft and typically a song lyric from whatever song I'm crushing on.

Anyway. Here's the card I made for this Valentine's Day. Since I don't have a daughter, Evan gets all of my girlie craft ideas. Sorry for him.

Also, my little helper. Card also applies to this little love.

I'm really, really, really trying to not need everything to be perfect. My oval of dots is far from perfect and is so lopsided. In a past life (aka, last year) I would have thrown it out and started over. This is me trying to embrace mistakes and errors and to be okay with the things that aren't perfect. Which is everything. If you were wondering.

I wrote an actual love note on the back and polka dotted the inside of my hand-made envelop because what guy doesn't love polka dots? Answer: Every guy loves polka dots.

The words are from the song, "Marry Me" by Train, which is so cliche and cheesy but it's like my favorite love lyric of all time, maybe. (Last year I used "Sweatheart" by the Lumineers.) [I also used this lyric in one of my favorite blog posts of all time.]

Valentine's Day is such a funny holiday, I feel like. I mean, I just don't need a day to celebrate love. Especially because a few weeks ago when I was working on my quilt, Evan got off work early and went to the store and bought me flowers, brought them to our house and cleaned up the kitchen and dining room so that when I walked in (it's the first room off the garage) I would see CLEAN and flowers (and also candy because let's be real) and then picked me up from my parents' house and brought me home. I mean, that means more to me than a day devoted to love and candy and flowers and chocolate.

But still. Any occasion to bust out my craft supplies and whip up a card for my love is fine with me.

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