Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bath time Baby

We have a bath time lovin babe on our hands. We still do kitchen sink bath time and I'm not looking forward to the day when he doesn't really fit anymore. He recently discovered splashing and so on the nights when he's feeling ultra rambunctious one of us has to hold his arms and legs while the other does a quick drive-by wash. It's a team sport and it's not easy. We've also recently been letting him roam around as a nakey baby for a few minutes post bath and it's terrifying. I contain him to his bedroom where no damage can really be done. I'm still slightly nervous for the day when he does do some damage because likely that will be the day that Evan is not home and I'm left with a mess. Because that's how things work around here, you know?

But really, there's nothing better than a baby after his bath. His skin is soft and smells like lavender and baby and we wrap him up in the softest jammies and flannel blankets and cuddle in his rocking chair until it's time for bed. Those moments are the very best way to end my day. And maybe I tell myself, "Just one more sniff," before I lay him in his bed for the night. And maybe just one more sniff turns into 300 more sniffs. But is there anything more intoxicating than the smell of a baby's head? I think not.

3 loves:

  1. I hear you! Our girl was too long for sink baths to last long. Thankfully, she can splash without too much of an issue in the bathroom–by issue, I mean more damage beyond a splashed floor and us. Haha Maybe you can do the laundry basket bath inside a bath. Have you seen this? <3

    1. i have seen that! but i totally forgot about it until now. thanks for the reminder! totally gonna try it. we did try to put him in his bumbo in the tub once, but i had to fill it so full to even reach the legs of the bumbo. but a laundry basket would be much smarter.