Monday, December 16, 2013

the weekend

This weekend was for quick trips up to the mountains to spend some time with 17 of the coolest and best and funnest college students and my amazing husband (and baby because leaving your child for any amount of time isn't a thing. SEE ALSO: Evan's work Christmas party and being the only parents with their kid in tow.).

Because Evan is the college pastor at our church and so he planned a weekend retreat to get away to a house in the mountains and hang out. I was going to go and then I wasn't and then I was and then I wasn't. But I ended up going and I am SO glad that I did. (Reason: Maddox IS FINALLY SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT OMG. Do I go and ruin that?! < I did and I didn't. High five, self.)

And so. We spent the weekend in fellowship and all the girls (and one boy) ooh'd and ahh'd over Maddox and he was so loved and my heart basically burst over the attention that he received.

I decided that someday, I will live in a house in the mountains and have extra rooms for people to come and stay and hang out and get away from the obnoxious city for a day or two or three or thirty. Because that should be a thing that every single person does because I was so relaxed and happy (except for at 2 am when Evan came to bed and woke me up and kept me up with his snoring and then woke Maddox up and Maddox didn't want to do anything but scream) and then I came back to town and I was like, "UGH. OTHER DRIVERS. UGH. CLUTTERED HOUSE. UGH. LAUNDRY. UGH. COOKING MY OWN DINNER. UGH. NO CUT THROAT MAFIA IN THE DARK."

What I'm saying is, EPC, move me to the mountains RAT NAOW!

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  1. WOW! Is all I can say.... glad you went with Evan.

  2. Derek doesn't always get it, but when you come around one bend in the road and can finally clearly see the mountains on our way to my parents house there is moment, when everything else disappears and you just, relax. Everything will be ok; it will work out & the stuff that won't suddenly doesn't seem to matter as much; it's a new quiet; it's a new noisy; the stress doesn't seem so stressful all of sudden. Mountains have that effect on a person; or maybe it's just the people who grew up close enough to them. Ok, it happens first for me when we cross the state line, haha...but the return trip, some days I just don't want to cross that state line again. Can't wait to see them in hours less than one week! :)

    1. I wouldn't want to cross that state line either. No offense. But Montana. I mean, come on. WE'VE GOT IT ALL. ;]

      I totally get what you're saying and I think we're pretty lucky to grow up here. It's kind of the best.