Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy birthday, house!

Two years of home ownership under our belts. I am kind of amazed that we have kept our house standing for as long as we have. I'm amazed that I have yet to burn it down, considering that I have put a plastic bowl on a hot burner multiple times. I'm amazed that Evan still let's me have a Pinterest account, considering how many projects I start and do not finish. I am amazed that I have not ripped the carpet off the stairs but let's be honest, I'm using all of my self-restraint to resist that adventure.

I promised that I would keep my house full of people who make it a home. It took me a full year to realize that a home is not determined by the pictures you hang on your walls or the colors of those walls. It isn't determined by the position of the couches in relation to the TV and the windows. It doesn't matter if the curtains are hung on your windows or if they are stacked neatly in your closet. It doesn't matter if you tear off the wood trim in your livingroom and then take an entire year to repaint the room.

What matters are the memories. Like the time you and your husband have a water fight in the bathroom because you dumped a glass of cold water over the shower curtain in the middle of his shower. Or the time you brought home a seven pound, three ounce newborn after five long days in the hospital. Or the nights you lay in bed for hours and hours talking with your best friend (because being married is an endless sleepover with your best friend). Or our monthly ritual to celebrate another month of Maddox, another month of parenting. Or the very first time I realized I felt a baby kick; and then lying in bed for an entire week pressing on my belly to continue feeling those kicks.

There's the places in this home that hold all of our memories like a living, breathing scrapbook. There's the scratches in the floor underneath the rocking chair in the nursery. The scratches that show how many hours I've spent in that chair rocking a precious newborn as he became a baby and as he becomes a child. There's my white glitter fireplace that I love so much. There's the kitchen sink where I stood when we told our parents that we were expecting; the same sink that is filled with water and bubbles every single night for the bath of a squirmy babe. There's the carpet in the livingroom where my baby learned to crawl by reaching for his toys. There's the spot in the garage where Evan tickled Maddox and he laughed for the very first time. There's our brand new bathroom that was only completed by the grace of God and some blood, sweat and tears.

I'd say that this year was our home's best yet. I can't wait to see the projects I dream up, the crafts I complete and the dinners I cook. I can't wait to scour Pinterest for more projects and ideas and decorate for Maddox's first Christmas, first New Year, first birthday. I can't wait to tackle year three with my project list, to paint more things and do more crafts and to fall more in love with our home.

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  1. this is beautiful, and this post definitely deserves at least 1 "love." ;) i really needed this actually. with so much media like pinterest and blogs floating around, it's hard not to get sucked into being obsessed over a picture perfect home. but that's NOT important, and it's hard to remember what it REALLY important. thanks for sharing :)