Monday, August 26, 2013

our weekend

there's nothing better than the weekend. i will say it until the end of time because my weekends have been so incredibly excellent lately. evan has been making it a very big priority to have one big family day during the weekend where we do us. we do whatever the heckfire we want to do, but it's just us. it has made my heart so happy and it makes it so much easier to get through the weeks where evan has a billion commitments. which is all the weeks, if you're wondering.

we just had a good weekend. maddox took a million naps on saturday and evan and i watched a million episodes of the office (we're rewatching it. i'm mourning it's ending. slash laughing slash quoting it's entirety.) and played a million games of risk and evan kicked my butt in every game. we're super competitive and things get pretty heated in our house when we're playing against each other. i don't like to lose. neither does evan. so.

i am just obsessed with his little orange body. HOW CUTE IS IT I MEAN SERIOUSLY. he's a side sleeper, just like me. i took this picture and then said to evan, "is there anything cuter than a baby who sleeps on his side?"

right after i asked evan that question, he showed me this picture. i can't even handle it. they were wrestling because maddox is all about rough housing. evan just learned that maddox is a big, big fan of being thrown in the air. my mama heart is terrified and i hold my breath while evan tosses him around. but he loves it. evan "tackles" him, too, and maddox thinks it's just hilarious. he's getting to be such a big boy. i don't know when or how that happened but kids are crazy, man.

we also took some more family photos this weekend because i really wanted some golden hour sun flares and junk. um. when your state is on fire, there is only smoke. no sun. and so those didn't happen. but what did happen are some really great family photo that i'll share later on when it isn't one a.m.

and evan and i have gotten a grand total of like 6 hours of sleep this entire weekend because we have been flashbacking to our pre-baby sleeps where we would stay up latelatelate just talking and laughing. i mean, i'm exhausted, but my heart is happy.

and honestly, i couldn't ask for anything else.

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  1. sooooo sweet to seee theses photos... :) you kid smile iss sooo cute too see... :)

  2. i get terrified when people throw babies in the air, even if it's only an inch! i feel you! also, i think one of the rules of parenthood is you will always forfeit sleep, no matter the age of your child!

    1. i'm learning to calm down a bit but it still makes me nervous! i know he's careful and it's always scary for the person not doing the throwing. hahaha and i totally agree on stupid sleep. who needs it anyway?!

  3. Maddox is THE CUTEST baby boy, ever!
    I swear that smile of his. Geez!

    I love when babies sleep on their side too. It's adorable.

    PS. I also love the nursery. Truly perfect.