Wednesday, August 28, 2013

more pictures please

i play profesh photog with my family a lot. it's a lot harder with a baby because someone has to hold the baby and then there's all the camera equipment and plus we brought along three blankets and those can't touch the ground and so you have to get out the camera while holding the baby and the blankets and set up the tripod while holding the baby and the blankets and the camera and inevitably someone or a whole party of someones walks by at this moment and has to stop and talk for ten minutes and you've got an armful of not-so-light things and a squirmy baby but those blankets cannot touch the ground because the squirmy baby puts everything in his mouth these days and we're going on five months of no sickness, cross your fingers, knock on wood, for that precious babe so let's keep it that way. so finally you get everything set up and then you take pictures and the baby is staring at something behind you and not at the camera and your hair looks dumb in the ones where he's finally looking at the camera and then someone's dog is photo bombing the rest of them and it's a total process to just get one or two decent family pictures.

BUT. this was our second time out with a squirmy, impatient little one and he did so good. mostly i think because he loves being outside and also he was held the entire time which makes his day even though my arms are now made of rubber. he's very intrigued by the camera and the noise it makes. he's very into noises these days and evan makes him smile with this very particular "pew pew" noise and so that's what's going on in the first two pictures. also my hair. what in the world. if anyone needs any hair, i'll be here. sharing. please. anyone. take some.

after we left and i was uploading these, i realized that we sucked at getting an actual picture of all of us. because we have two. we are headless in one and blurry in the other. so. oops. i'm sure we'll have a do-over this weekend since weekend pictures are kind of our new thing.

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