Monday, June 10, 2013

baby dedicating

this weekend we dedicated maddox at church. i go to a foursquare church and we don't baptize babies; we believe that you should make the decision to be baptized when you are ready. so we dedicate them instead. which is basically just bringing your baby in front of the congregation and everyone joining in prayer. evan and i have been looking forward to dedicating our babies since forever. and that day finally came.

so we brought along our closest friends and family and stood in front of the church with our pastor and prayed over our baby. and it was such an amazing experience. because they don't just pray over the kids, they pray over the families and the people who will be in their lives.

evan and i were super nervous for this day because our little perfect angel baby sometimes likes to cry. SOMETIMES. sometimes he also likes to have massive poops and they like to leak out his diaper and up his chest. and so how chaotic would it be if we got up there and he's screaming his little lungs out? yikes. and also how chaotic would it be if he just pooped his pants right as the praying started? double yikes. so we planned our morning down to the T. we got him dressed last minute and fed him right before going on stage (then we thought, "omg, he's going to spit up on stage." ps. he has a reflux problem so he spits up pretty much everything he eats sometimes.) so. we changed him. we dressed him. we fed him. we hung out behind the set during worship and he started to cry when our pastor looked at him (great) and then we walked on stage and our pastor held him and everyone prayed.

then. then my kid started to cry. mid prayer. in my pastor's arms. so i shoved the binki in his mouth. to which he spit it out on the floor. and started to cry again. to which i shoved my finger in his mouth. because resourceful mom.

and it was a success. i didn't trip or drop maddox and he didn't cry (it was more of a fuss) and THEN he spent the entire service in the nursery. which he has never done because he's a stinker and he loves being with us.

we had our friends and family celebrate with too much food after and it was such a blessed day. i'm so in love with my church and so thankful for our friends and family for taking time out of their weekends, and on the nicest day ever, too, to spend a few hours celebrating and loving maddox. i am so immensely thankful for the prayers and the love that everyone gives us. he is so very loved, even at age zero.

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  1. what an awesome story, hes soo cute Larissa i know we dont know each other i love your guys i have an open heart!! what cute family ya have its soo blessing to meet you once..

    1. You're are very welcome!! :) just wanted you know that all!! :)

  2. I was so nervous the day we baptized Brody. He had a white outfit and also had a spitting problem (ps. Have you tried using a probiotic once a day, that helped us significantly. Still spit but not nearly as bad! I was done, I didn't know what else to do, he spit bad for about 7 months) anyway. We dressed him as we ran out the door and didn't feed him til rigt after the baptism. Sounds like you have an awesome church and I'm kinda jealous!

    1. oh man, white + babies is not a good idea. hahaha i saw those adorable baptism outfits at Dillard's and just laughed because seriously. something is BOUND to happen when you have that combo!

      i haven't tried a probiotic. what did you use? did your doctor Rx it? we have to give him xantac (which i confuse with zanax which is for anxiety and my baby does not take that. so. get it together.) twice a day and he hates it. luckily i can mix it in some pumped milk but seriously. it doesn't stop him from spitting up but it protects his throat i guess. it's soooo annoying. i seriously have to wash my sheets 43254 times a week. poor kid! i'll definitely look into anything that will make him stop!

      you can come visit and come to our church anytime! =]

  3. <3 I loved this little story.