Sunday, May 19, 2013


sundays are our nothing days. typically we get up late, late enough to skip breakfast and head straight to lunch. we keep our clothes in their drawers and closets and we cover up with blankets instead. we don't do our hair and we don't even think about makeup. we catch up on all our shows and we read books and we cuddle. we soak up a million baby smiles from a baby who found his voice and his smile this week.

i used to feel guilty about wasting an entire day in bed. but with a husband home only two days a week, weekends are made to be spent together in whatever ways we desire. we can stand to waste more than a few hours in bed. we can especially stand it when it's been raining for three days and nights and going outside in the rain with a baby is just not happening. so, we curl up, i tuck my legs under evan's, he propps maddox up between us and we start another episode of grey's anatomy and i fall in love over and over and over again with my boys and this simple but oh-so perfect life.

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  1. Awe SOOO cute and ps it was nice to meet evan and Maddox and you on Sunday and ps please send me an Facebook friends request please and thank you soo much it's at Lacey key

  2. The mister and I were talking about this very thing earlier today. We just felt so lazy and wanted to do nothing but lay there, however I wondered if we should be doing something. I realized our weeks are so busy, and we also don't get as much time together during the week, that we really need one day to do nothing but enjoy each other.

    1. exactly. you need that day of rest to totally prepare yourself for the upcoming week. i feel so much better about today being monday when i have a day of nothingness.

  3. This post makes me so happy.
    It warms my heart that you are so very content.