Wednesday, January 9, 2013


to the man who laughs at me while i curse the neighbor's barking dog...i love you.

to the man who sat with me after dinner and just talked about us...i love you.

to the man who hugged me for five uninterrupted minutes because i had a bad day and wasn't a nice person...i love you.

to the man who drives me to work and picks me up because it makes my days...i love you.

to the man who brings me lunch and stops in to see me before heading off to work...i love you.

to the man who is intentional in his relationship with me...i love you.

to the man who sings me to sleep every night...i love you.

to the man who watches pretty little liars with me...i love you.

to the man who paints my toenails...i love you.

to the man who tells me every single day, "you're the cutest pregnant lady ever"...i love you.

to the man who holds my fears and frustrations...i love you.

 to the man who is my best friend...i love you.

this picture. oh how i love this picture. i found it while scanning my blog for a specific something and fell in love with it all over again. i might frame it. maybe wallpaper the nursery with it. [i am not pregnant here and also i miss that sweater.]

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  1. How sweet! You two are SO adorable! Loved this post! You've got me teary-eyed over here! So thankful for amazing hubby's!

    1. Thanks lady! <3 so super thankful for amazing husbands. FOR SURE! <3

  2. You two are too cute!! I hope Evan is as great with you in hospital as my hubby was for me. He did things I would have NEVER asked him to or expected him to. And I know Evan will try to do the same for you!

    1. =] thank ya!

      I sure hope he will be! I mean, I know he will, but. YOU know. Hahaha I can imagine him freaking out. But I know he'll totally surprise me. =]

  3. absolutely love everything about this. You two are so sweet together, and are such a wonderful example of how a relationship should be. <3

  4. I love this post.
    You two are incredible adorable together. Enough said.